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  2. Fab comfort food for the family meal planner - no work required
4 of the best meal deals to add to the family meal planner

Fab comfort food for the family meal planner - no work required

If your family is like most, there'll be certain meals you all love and enjoy and then those that only appeal to half the table. One of you might be particularly fussy about what you eat. I mean, we're not pointing fingers, but it can make putting together a family meal planner a logistical nightmare! You develop your ways of adapting to fit everyone's tastes, cooking a number of separate meals and planning way ahead... but we're letting you in on a secret to reduce your precious time spent in the kitchen.

Aus has some mean, wholesome family dinners that you can order in! It doesn't have to be just the obvious choices – although the classic pizza is invariably popular with the kids. A range of family combo meals provide great opportunities to catering for those individual preferences and keep the peace. Take a look at the best family-style foods we've found on Deliveroo and see for yourself.

1. Home-style comfort food

The Chicken Family Pack at the Spit Roast Shop is a chicken dinner made easy. Not only do you get a whole chicken, but there's also a hefty portion of chips and your choice of a large salad or freshly cooked veggies. And if chicken doesn't tick the box for your family, then there are the Spit Roast Dinner choices like Shepherd's Pie as well. No fuss, no bother and - most importantly - no washing-up. Just a wholesome family dinner brought to your door.

2. Put your feet up on a Sunday

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We all love a good old-fashioned Sunday roast, but who loves the work involved? Take a break this Sunday and let someone else do the cooking for you, by ordering a Family Roast meal deal from Foxes Den. The Family Roast includes a whole roast chicken, a large portion of roasted veggies, steamed greens and a pot of gravy. Dinner done to perfection and one that leaves you time to enjoy family fun time while you wait for the dinner to arrive!

3. Friday night family fiesta

There's something great about a Friday night with the family. Everyone's looking forward to the weekend and it's a great night for a fun family meal like one of the Combo For 4 family deals at Mad Mex Wintergarden. Mexican food is a classic sharing option and there's choice within the choices! From the Burrito Familiar -which packs in burritos, quesadillas, corn chips and salsa - through to the Taco Kit - bringing you everything a family needs to create its own taco party. It's a great way to kick-start the weekend but, of course, this one's a winner any night of the week.

4. A pizza the action

If you leave the choice of what to order to the kids, 9 times out of 10, they'll go for pizza or pasta - Italian food is a winner with all ages. Take advantage of the superb range of Combo Deals at Epic Pizza, where you can find deals to suit whatever size of group you're feeding. Family Matters is perfect for a big or a hungry family, as it features three large pizzas, a starter or salad and a big bottle of soft drink. A great choice for a family movie night on any day of the week!

What's going onto your family meal planner this week? Make your choice and place an order with Deliveroo.

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