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4 Dishes With Prawns To Please

Time To Prawn Up Your Dining - Four Yummy Italian Shellfish Dishes

The smell of Italian Prawns, pan-fried and smothered in garlic or wrapped in wide sheets of pasta is enough to get the most die-hard fan salivating and keen to order the biggest portion in a heartbeat. For some, it is a trail down memory lane, while for others it's a chance to create new ones. Food is not only about consumption it is also about appreciation. It is quintessential in any dining experience and often influences the atmosphere. Great food makes for good conversation and compliments to the chef expressed in empty plates and smiling faces.

Our sister city Brisbane's charming Italian restaurants are renowned for enchanting her residents with tantalizingly varied prawn dishes available from Italian eateries, but Melbourne's establishments have been stealing the spotlight recently. Whether you like your shellfish steamed, battered, oven-roasted or strewn on top of a mountain of spicy linguine, here are five of the best Italian prawn dishes to try at restaurants in Melbourne.

1. Garlic Prawn and Pea Pasta

Etto's Pasta Bar in South Melbourne thrives on bringing its diners the freshest pasta dishes. Their mouth-watering crustaceans are served with a side of irresistible sauces and a whole lot of love. The eatery's popular garlic prawn and pea pasta dish is a scrumptious meal served with peas, chilli and a dash of crème fraiche that will have you yelling "I love you, Etto!" from the roof tops… if you can get a word out between shovelling this deliciously more-ish dish into your mouth!

2. Garlic Prawns

Any shrimp aficionado with a soft spot for garlic will love Basilico Albert Park's simple but elegant pan-fried garlic prawns. Braised in a heavenly concoction of white wine and cream and served on a bed of steamed rice, this delicious treat is a must-eat for any seafood-lover. Soft, fresh and simply delightful, this authentic Italian dish will intensify your seaside experience.

3. Rustic the Lot Pizza

Social media platforms may be ablaze clamouring for or raging against pineapple on a pizza, but prawns on pizza? Now that is an indisputably delicious concoction! Get your prawn pizza fix at Rustic Italian, where shrimps, mozzarella, napoli, olives, smoked mussels, garlic, anchovies and calamari are expertly combined atop a gourmet marinara offering. Order this large pizza to share or keep all of the prawn deliciousness to yourself – this one is so worth it as nothing seems to add a subtle carbohydrate compliment to shellfish than a nice hand rolled pizza dough.

4. Spaghetti allo Scoglio

For comfort food diners with a hankering for prawns and a taste for romance, the Spaghetti allo Scoglio for two at Gemma Simply Italian is a must-order. Laden with a smorgasbord of prawns, clams, squid, cherry tomato and parsley and prepared lovingly, this seafood dish is perfect for a cosy dine-in date night. Make sure you order plenty to avoid the disappointment when you want seconds later!

These dishes are simple, flavoursome, guaranteed to warm you up and banish those hunger pangs. Place your order with Deliveroo today and have your own sea adventure.

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