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5 of Sydney’s Dessert And Meal Pies To Power Up Your Week

Sweet And Savoury Pies To Get You Through The Week

Pies feature heavily in Sydney's dessert menus and, truthfully, their sweetness knows know bounds. But this rise to fame as a filling pud totally – and undeservedly – pushes the savoury version of this dish onto the back burner. Considering this pastry creation is said to have been around since the 5th century, why not turn your attentions to this scrumptious solution to your hunger? Now more than ever, it's time to invite your stomach to a truly precious week. You know the famous saying, "A pie a day, keeps…" No? Well, we think it's time you revive some of these short crust or puff pastry dishes anyway. With such an array of variety, you can have your Sydney pie fix Monday to Friday and hit the weekend running.

1. Monday - Spinach & Ricotta Pie

Everybody knows the beginning of the week is the hardest thing in a working life. For that reason, you need a pie fix and you need it now! Get the ultimate balance in sweet and sour with the Home baked Greek pie from Greenery Randwick. This middle-eastern restaurant is vastly appreciated for their huge breakfast plates selection, but come 11.30am they're serving up some rip-roaring pastry cases with top fillings. Spinach and ricotta are just the ticket to get your week off to a rolling start.

2. Tuesday - Apple and Salted Caramel Tart

You forgot it's your turn to bring a sweet treat to your Book Club this evening and now you're worried about what to do. Well, get Deliveroo on the case and seal your standing ovation with an Apple and Salted Caramel tart from Penny Lane Bar and Cafe. This gaff is a typical, modern Australian bar. They have a wide range of burgers and pizzas but to really recharge your batteries it's one of their pies that you need. Be sure to order two so you can focus your efforts on the latest novel – instead of fighting over the last slice!

3. Wednesday - Fish Pie

We all know that fish is good for you. Add a few more ingredients and you've got delicious wholesome goodness. So if the office vibe's got you feeling a bit low, why not spice up lunch hour with the thrilling Fish Pie from Mohr Fish. Let your taste buds dance with this concoction of mushroom, leek, celery, mash potatoes and parmesan cheese. It's a taste sensation you won't soon forget!

4. Thursday - Snickers Mousse Pie

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Nearly there. You've made it this far and so you deserve a treat. Spoil yourself with the decadent Snickers Mousse Pie from The Pie Tin, one of Sydney's most famous dessert places with a long experience in pies and rolls. This dream of a pie dish is made of a chocolate fudge base and topped with a soft decadent mousse made from your favourite nutty chocolate bar. This is what's getting you through to Friday.

5. Friday - Chicken and Vegetable Pie

It's the end of yet another long working week, well done! But forget Netflix and chill for your Friday night celebration – grab a slice of Katzy's Chicken and Vegetable Pie instead. A homemade recipe made according to kosher tradition makes this dish a must try. This vibrant place also offers you a variety of burgers and salad options if you're feeling a bit pied-out after the long week – but with this fine and varied selection, we doubt it!

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