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5 Amazing Sushi Snacks For Seafood Haters In Perth

Fabulous, Fish-Free And Fun - 5 Sushi Options In Perth For Seafood Haters

Sushi is a Japanese snack that is perhaps misunderstood by many. Myth has it that it's all about raw fish, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Sushi is actually an incredibly diverse dish. Packed full of succulent meats or veggies, sushi packs a punch of flavour and is good to the body and the soul. Just because you can't stand fish, doesn't mean the best sushi in Perth is out of bounds. These five amazing snacks will change your mind forever.

1. Eat Your Veggies - Shimizu Café-Restaurant


Situated in the heart of Northbridge, Shimizu Café's sushi dishes are incredibly vibrant and tasty, especially their vegetarian special, Eat Your Veggies. These delicious rolls are crammed with avocado, shredded cabbage and lettuce, topped with soybean floss and served with or without cheese – it's your shout. Their Japanese and Asian dishes are simply delicious and ready to be delivered straight to your front door.

2. Avocado Rolls - Restaurant 1903

Another popular Japanese eatery in Northbridge, Restaurant 1903 goes to town on their delightful Asian Fusion dishes, including creative sushi and ramen. There's really no need to feel like the odd one out when your friends order sushi here: delicious Avocado Rolls are tasty morsels, simple yet wholly satisfying and – most importantly – fish free. Who knew that veggie sushi could be as good as, if not better than, than the more traditional raw fish versions!

3. Egg Nigiri Sushi Balls - Edo Japanese

Edo Japanese have been serving up the very best of Japanese cuisine to the people of Subiaco for more than seven years. Although they have a huge selection of raw fish sushi and sashimi, their vegetarian-friendly options are also extensive. Our particular favourite is the omelette-inspired Egg Nigiri Sushi Balls.  Packed full of protein and extremely light, they are perfect for night-in nibbles.

4. Yasai Tempura - Tao Café

Tao Café's relaxed, modern approach to Japanese cuisine has made it one of the most popular sushi takeaways in Subiaco, Perth. They have a great choice of signature sushi dishes to sample, many of which are vegetarian-friendly too. The Yasai Tempura is a household favourite – even with seafood lovers! – with mixed tempura vegetables rolled in thin soy paper with a unique beetroot, avocado and inari dressing. These creations just go to show there's so much more to Japanese food than noodles and teriyaki.

5. Shiitake Mushroom Rolls - Aikuma Sushi

If you work in the heart of Perth's CBD and you're bored of the same old weekday lunches, be sure to place an order with Aikuma Sushi. These guys offer a whopping ten different vegetarian-friendly sushi dishes to choose from. Our personal favourite is the Shiitake Mushroom Roll: marinated shiitake mushrooms with fresh cucumber, wrapped in nori seaweed and rice and drizzled with Aikuma's signature mustard dressing. This fish-free sushi heaven will see you right through whatever the afternoon has to throw at you.

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