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  2. Burgers are for everyone: 5 great veggie options for delivery
Burgers are for everyone: 5 great veggie options for delivery

Burgers are for everyone: 5 great veggie options for delivery

Who needs meat when these divine vegetarian options are on the menu? Nobody should have to miss out on the joys of burgers – and there's some exciting options out there. From fried halloumi cheese to plump pumpkin patties, here are some meat-free flavours to get you feeling hungry.

1. Mediterranean Falafel Burger, Burger Theory

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Burger Theory make sure you always get the real deal – whether it's with burgers or falafel. They stick to the essentials when making their falafel, simply grinding up chickpeas with parsley, onion, garlic, cumin and a touch of seasoning. No binders or egg are needed, so these falafel patties are gluten free. Once fried to crispy perfection, they're sandwiched with creamy tahini, pickled onion and lettuce.

Where: Burger Theory, Adelaide

2. Halloween, V Burger Bar

It's not often that you find pumpkin on the menu at a burger bar, but the good people of V Burger have come up with a combination that might just change that. They coat their pumpkin in golden breadcrumbs for added crunch, then drizzle with pesto and house aioli for garlic and basil notes. A sprinkle of salty feta is the perfect contrast to the sweetness of the pumpkin, and a garnish of tomato, lettuce and onion brings bite and freshness to the party. Customise it with any toppings, or swap the bun for a gluten-free one for extra goodness.

Where: V Burger Bar, two locations in Perth

3. Hallouminati, Burger Republic, Adelaide

Here's an inventive twist on a burger which will appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike – the Hallouminati. Burger Republic's invention combines the tang of fried halloumi with a slab of charred pumpkin, the sticky caramelised edges bringing sweetness to every bite. The colourful zing of beetroot relish and the peppery tones of rocket round off this burger – and yes, carnivores can add a meat patty to it too.

 Where: Burger Republic, Adelaide

 4. Vege Denise, Huxtaburger

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You might be forgiven for assuming the Vege Denise was named after a vegetarian called Denise, but there is a meat version at Huxtaburger also called Denise, so it seems not. Whoever Denise is, her Vege version is a fiery treat for the taste buds. The patty is made with beans, quinoa and a chilli kick, served with crunchy jalapeños, cheese, mustard, pickles and salad. More savoury heat comes from the sriracha mayo, which adds a smooth but spicy finish.

Where: Huxtaburger, five locations in Melbourne

5. Mighty Mushroom, Burger Foundry

Handfuls of fresh South Australian mushrooms are mixed with a generous serving of sliced onions and thyme for a trio of flavours that really bring out the best in each other. The juicy mushroom patty is topped with slices of tomato, earthy beetroot, peppery rocket and a homemade aioli. Add some sweet potato fries on the side, and you're onto an unconventional winner.

Where: Burger Foundry, two locations in Adelaide

There's a whole world of choice out there – why stick to beef? Get these veggie burgers and more brought straight to your door with Deliveroo.

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