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It's All About Alternatives: Dim Sim

It’s all about alternatives: dim sim

We're all guilty of ordering our favourite dish again and again. Sure, you know you can rely on it for a delicious meal. But it gets to a point where you find yourself stuck in a food rut. A tasty, comforting, yet boring malaise. With the wide variety on the foodie scene today, life is too short to stick to one cuisine, let alone one dish. Here's what to swap your dim sum for.

The classic: dim sim

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Dim sim – or 'dimmies' to those in the know – are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. Whether you're having an evening in with friends, family or a significant other, ordering Chinese-inspired meat and vegetable dumpling-style snacks is always a recipe for a great night in. This fragrant yet filling comfort food is a keeper, especially whipped up authentically by places like Dainty Dumpling House.

These snacks originate from the Chinese snack, dim sum, which translates to 'touch the heart'. And this wholesome, flavoursome collection of bite-sized dishes has truly captured the heart of the nation. Perhaps it's the sheer variety of dim sim available, from shrimp and scallop to pork and vegetables. Others argue that the magic is in the sweet chilli or lime-spiked soy sauce dips, giving your dim sim a zingy kick.

The alternative: green Thai curry

But now, it's time to branch out from the dumpling bar and take your taste buds on a trip. From dumplings to jasmine rice, enter the humble green Thai curry. It's made with gorgeous herb and spice combinations, and served up in style at restaurants like Derby Thai.

If you're looking for a healthier Asian dish or a vibrant alternative to dim sim, green curry shares many of the same ingredients that make us love dim sim so much – fresh vegetables like spring onions, chillies and mushrooms, seasoned with fragrant coriander, ginger and lime. These cuisines also both use coconut milk – in the dough of dim sim for a softer texture, and to mellow the spicy chillies of a Thai curry into a creamy sauce.

Like dim sim, green curry is also super versatile as it doesn't have fixed ingredients. Of course, chicken and green Thai curry is a match made in heaven, but juicy prawns, pork or vegetables are no strangers to being tossed in the aromatic green curry sauce. Derby Thai's curries tap into this adaptability, so you can get your tangy green curry with juicy chicken, beef or pork. Who needs dimmies when Thai curry tastes this good?

Want to branch out? Swap a Chinese classic for a Thai one and get the best food from Derby Thai delivered straight to your door with Deliveroo.

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