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4 Of The Best Meatball Feasts In Perth

Calling All Famished Perthians! Let The Reign Of Meatballs Begin!

A family that eats together stays together. That is why when the stomach starts rumbling and the cravings creep in, you've got to deliver. An appetite begging to be satisfied is an appetite that deserves only the best. Italian food is renowned for having top menus that easily win over everyone's taste buds, leaving content bellies in their wake.

So when unexpected guests pop or you want to serve something special to impress the in-laws… what could be better than a meal honouring the scrumptious meatball? As a Perthian, be proud to raise the food flag because Italian restaurants abound in our great city and, mamma mia, is their grub good! No matter how hungry the masses, you will be able to wow them into placation with any one (or all!) of these excellent choices.

1. Mamma's Meatballs

Someone's had the brilliant idea to start a family tradition of hosting and eating the same meal on regular basis… but you think it's Boring, Boring Boring. That's right, with a capital B. Fear not, though: The Meatball Bar has what you looking for. You could never get tired of salivating over the sexy balls section of the menu and Mamma's Meatballs are a true food dichotomy. This dish comprises of traditional Italian beef and pork meatballs with handmade gnocchi lathered in a 12 hours slow cooked Napoli sauce. Each bite is salivation-worthy and you'll want to savour every moment. Once you dig in, chances are taste addiction will strike and soon enough the once-a-month tradition will become a once-a-week must-have.

2. Kids Spaghetti with Meatballs

Children deserve to be introduced to great food at a young age and it's the adults' responsibility to raise the next generation of foodies. Pizza Bella Roma have risen to the challenge with a children's section that will set the little'uns in the right direction. They serve spaghetti coated in a savoury sauce, the ultimate compliment to their carefully moulded balls of meat and subtle seasonings. It's highly likely your adult self will become envious when you see your child quiet, focused and indulging in their food. So envious, you might not be able to resist ordering one of the options for yourself.

3. Pork & Kale Meatballs

And indeed, sometimes you do need to focus on yourself! If you're looking into creating a romantic date with your spouse or partner, pasta is a filling dish for both the stomach and the soul. So how better to show affection to your partner than serving up the best of the best? By ordering up the most wholesome of tasty pasta dishes, of course! Solo Pasta will make your date night complete: keeping the traditional tomato-ey base they have put a wild and healthy kale spin on our porky favourite. Grated parmesan completes the meal and leaves you longing for another taste.

4. Meatball Bite

Sometimes you don't fancy having a whole meal but still crave the juicy taste of 100% meatballs. Mondo Fresco is definitely going to be able to help the puritan taste buds out there on this one. You get 10 pieces of deep fried meatballs with Neapolitan sauce. Savour each one because if you're sharing with the family, chances are they'll get snapped up quickly!

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