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  2. The Gold Coast's best American dishes go hand in hand with Coca Cola
The Gold Coast's Best American Dishes To Go With A Cola

The Gold Coast's best American dishes go hand in hand with Coca Cola

When you eat certain foods you instinctively know what you'll enjoy drinking with it. For instance, lamb and red wine go together well, whereas lots of people would quite rightly choose white wine to drink while eating chicken or fish.

So what foods go well with cola? There are so many different foods that you can pair with a glass of the good stuff, but of course, none go more naturally than some of the American classics. We've picked out a few below, selected from only the very best American-inspired restaurants on the Gold Coast.

1. Gourmet Burgers

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A glass of coca-cola goes perfectly with a lovely juicy burger. One of the most appealing things about having a burger is its decadent greasiness, and the cola provides some bubbly freshness to cut through that!

At Burger Urge, you're handed a choice of amazing gourmet burgers, but our favourites are the house specials - both of which are a nod to American politics. There's 'The Donald Trump' to start with, boasting a layer of pulled beef, topped with maple bacon, potato fries right in the bun, with Mexican cheese (geddit?), barbecue sauce and truffle mayo. Mrs Clinton's Chipotle Chicken is a little less showy, but is a little easier to handle. Go figure! There's chicken fried in buttermilk batter, topped with bacon, coleslaw, jalapenos and melted cheese.

2. Hot Dog

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Just like the other American fast food classic - the burger- the hot dog is another great partner for a glass of coca-cola. Hot dogs have been part of American food traditions for over a century; they're thought to have first been introduced to the States by German immigrants and they've been standard snack food at baseball games since the 1890s.

These days, a plain old hot dog seems a bit dull compared with the ones you'll find in most restaurants, which all aim to give the classic dish their own special twist. At Burger'd, try the Bar-Be-Q'd Hot Dog. As well as the sausage, there's diced bacon, caramelised onion, bbq sauce and cheese sauce. Perfect with a glass of cola!

3. Ribs

Another American classic dish is ribs, and it's a dish that can be complemented with a glass of cold cola. You can get beef and pork ribs, but our recommendation is the Pork Spare Rib dish at Obsessions On Chevron. The ribs are double-smoked and marinated in maple syrup. Alongside, there's a portion of beer-battered fries and sweet maple gravy.

4. Pizza

How often do you order a pizza to be delivered and add a bottle of cola to your order? It's not just because it's on the menu; it just goes perfectly with that great cheesy, tomato taste. Again, there really is something about the way a slurp of coca-cola can cut through the desired greasiness of the pizza and leave you ready for more. For some of the best pizza on the Gold Coast, check out the Meat Lovers pizza at GMC Diner. This one's loaded with pepperoni, bacon, ham and even slivers of fillet steak. Make sure you're hungry enough to finish it before you order - she's not one for the feint of heart!

Have we got you thinking about what you'd eat with a coca-cola? Order now at Deliveroo.

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