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  2. Pig-out paradise -  5 Aussie-based American dishes not to miss
Australia's Piggiest American-Inspired Dishes

Pig-out paradise -  5 Aussie-based American dishes not to miss

There's no denying it, America knows food. Good, hearty, home comforts are the USA's culinary speciality. Mac n' cheese, hamburgers, cheesecake and steak. This list of mouth-watering dishes goes on, so there's no wonder we can't get enough of the star-spangled stuff. In fact, the food is so good, that what were once classic dishes have been given an American upgrade.

Packed to the brim with the good stuff, Australia is certainly not short of tasty pig-out dishes inspired by the cuisine over in the States. Let's take a look at just a sample of dishes that are located in the glorious Australian city of Melbourne.

1. Tater Tots

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The French gave us fries, then the USA gave us Tater Tots. Whilst these fried potato snacks are truly American, they have been taken to a new food dimension. The world-beloved mac n' cheese has a number of tasty Australian adaptations and is an American classic in its own right, but when you combine the two together, it's a match made in heaven. Whoever said that Tater Tots and mac 'n' Cheese were side dishes, think again. This combination deserves its own place in the spotlight. Easey's XX who serve up this creation, have combined other US dishes to die for. The mac n' cheese hot dog is very appealing.

2. Asian Fusion the American Way

The Belleville is proving that flavours that can work together from all over the world, especially when they have an American twist. Empanadas are delicious the original way but are even better with Korean BBQ sauce to add a splash of Asian fusion. With American's love of meat, these empanadas are like no other. Full to the brim with slow-cooked beef ribs, these pastry snacks really are a treat. Thank you, Belleville, for bringing American-Asian fusion to our tables!

3. The American-Australian Burger

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Ok, so there is no doubt that the USA leads the way when it comes to hamburgers. The combination of beef, bacon, cheese and salad is one that brings joy to many. So, what do you get when you cross an American burger with an Australian burger? Well, the Bills Burger from Huxtaburger is the answer. Filled with the goodness of a true US burger, this dish meets in the middle, adding egg, beetroot, mayo and pineapple - exactly how Australians like it.

4. Pizza Cheesesteak

Italy has dominated the food world ever since the invention of pizza. It is no surprise that variations on the classic pizza have been developed over the years and Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks are no exception. Serving up an array of the well-known American dish, the pizza cheesesteak is one to look out for. Cheese, olives, pizza sauce and of course, beef. What is not to love in the fusion of cuisines?

5. Doughnuts - The Most American They've Ever Been

Last, but not least, dessert. Doughnuts do have a strong association with America, but the original recipe dates to the Dutch. Bistro Morgan though, offers up the most American doughnut you will probably ever find. Their Hershey's Oreo doughnut is absolutely wicked, drenched in chocolatey goodness.

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