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Creamy, soft risotto – Italian chow from all across Aus

Rip roaring risotto rice picks from all across Aus

It's a winning combination without a doubt: rice, cheese, meat and veg. Risotto is the youngest child of the Italian cuisine trio, and behind creamy pasta and tomato pizza it often finds itself underappreciated. But not today! Today we dine on the finest risotto Australia has to offer, each dish cooked up with its own distinctive and unique set of flavours. Just like its older siblings, you'll be amazed at the amount of diversity and subtle nuance of dish within even this most humble of foods. So, sit down! Get your napkin out, get your fork and your spoon – it's time to serve up a whole plate of greatness.

1. Roast Pumpkin Risotto by Domanis

Built from the ground up on a tasty base of carnaroli rice, the Roast Pumpkin Risotto by Domanis is our first pick off the national menu. Vegetarian and gluten free, it whirls together piece after piece of nature's bounty; wild mushroom, herby fresh sage and toasted almonds for a saucy crunch. And that's why we love it! Its creamy goat's cheese tang and titular roast pumpkin are an all-natural, all delicious symphony of food. One serving will never be enough.

2. Wagyu Brisket Risotto at Blackbird Café

Mighty, meaty, unbeatably good. Number two: the Wagyu Brisket Risotto at Blackbird Café. Cooked in a savoury onion and mushroom combo, this rich mix is an entirely carnivorous pleasure. A beer-based stock and bone marrow finish serves to add even more depth to the dish (pure genius), and the use of prime Japanese beef is a fatty delight. Every forkful of this gorgeous plate is mind-blowingly good. If you like wagyu, if you like risotto – order this dish.        

3. Veggie Risotto from Crinitis

Head back in time for a taste of the traditional. At Criniti's, an old-world dining hall in the heart of Sydney, Italian cuisine is just as a good as it was when Grandma was stationed at the stove. Their Veggie Risotto is a low-calorie bowl for all those in need of good, nutritious food on a budget. Steamed rice comes piping hot with spinach, mushroom, shallots and sliced avocado providing a range of texture and taste from the bottom to the top, and a garnish of tomato, fresh chilli and poached eggs rounds out the dish. Scrumptious.

4. Chorizo Sausage Risotto from La Di Da

More onions, more greatness. Thank you La Di Da restaurant! Our next risotto comes chargrilled with red capsicum, crumbled feta and roquette. So cheesy! Saffron onions and chorizo sausage are the main focus of flavour – did we mention it was called the Chorizo Sausage Risotto? – making for a savoury, balanced dish that sits nicely on the tongue.

5. Arancini at Jamie's Italian

Full yet? If you've still a little space, consider an Arancini or two from Jamie's Italian. These fried risotto balls are great as a snack or appetizer, oozing with cheese and surprisingly dense. A great introduction to risotto and top notch reinvention on the dish for veterans. Yum!

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