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  2. Get Nutty With The Tastiest Asian Dishes In The Heart Of Melbourne
The Tastiest Nutty Asian Dishes In The Heart Of Melbourne

Get Nutty With The Tastiest Asian Dishes In The Heart Of Melbourne

Sometimes that extra bit of crunch is all it takes to bring your scrumptious meal to the next level. With that in mind, it's time to check out some of the best Asian meals packed with nuts of all varieties served right here in Melbourne. Pad Thai and Kung-Po are just a few of the dishes from all over Asia known for their perfect blend of nutty flavours. For those looking for that satisfactory crunch, be sure to remember our guide to the best of Asia right here in Melbourne.

1. Kung-Po Chicken with Peanuts

Starting off with a world-famous Chinese dish, the Kung-Po Chicken from I Love Dumplings delivers those juicy, saucy flavours we all know and love. This typically spicy Szechuan dish features what most find to be the one ingredient that ties it all together: gloriously roasted peanuts. As the final touch added to this drool-worthy chicken dish, crunchy peanuts are sprinkled throughout a base of sweet chilli sauce. Cucumbers, carrots and onions are mixed in to make one fantastic and ever-popular Chinese dish. The Kung-Po chicken pairs wonderfully with a bowl of steamed rice, guaranteeing a wholesome and satisfying Chinese dining experience.

2. Spicy Prawn Glass Noodle Cashew Salad

When it comes to Thailand's tastiest marvels, Ghin Khao is here to lead the way. Fresh Thai dishes are prepared on demand to ensure every meal is steaming hot and full of flavour. The Spicy Prawn Glass Noodle Cashew Salad is a terrific light dish equipped with all your nutty needs and perfectly suited for a nutritious lunch any day of the week. This salad is packed with spicy prawns, minced chicken and calamari, all piled high on a bed of glass noodles. It is heavily garnished with crunchy cashew nuts and coriander for a refreshing and appetising twist, making it a guilt-free dish to try the next time you have the munchies. Go ahead and give it a go, you won't regret it!

3. Pad Thai

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It goes without saying that no list of hypnotic Asian dishes is complete without mentioning the popular Pad Thai. When it comes to Asian food, Pok Pok has you covered! A marvellous restaurant featuring all-time Thai favourites such as delicious beef curry or health-packed vegan meals, Pok Pok is one for the books. Their signature Pad Thai is a classic dish prepared with their very own Thai sauce. Eggs, chives and bean sprouts are spread over a tasty rice noodle base and, with your choice of delicious dried shrimp or the veggie-friendly option, this dish is something everyone can enjoy. Of course you can't forget the generous sprinkle of crunchy peanuts that make the Pad Thai the legend that it is. Perfectly suited for anytime of the day, you just have to order one up!

4. Korean-Style Nut Snacks

Offering up some of the best Korean food in town, Gangnam Pocha will blow you away with its fantastically authentic cuisine. Their Korean-Style Dried Snacks features a terrific platter of small bites consisting of dried squid, chewy Korean beef jerky and an assortment of crunchy nuts ensured to satisfy all your nutty needs. Served with mayonnaise and a savoury Chilli sauce for dipping, the Korean-Style Dried Snacks makes for a perfect appetiser, finisher or even a light meal to order up anytime of the day! Craving the perfect mix of chewy and crunchy? Add the Korean Style Dried Snacks to your list of must-tries.

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