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Four Of The Best Boozy Desserts In Australia

Sweet Surprises - Australia’s Booziest Desserts

Dessert: indulgent, calorific, wickedly delicious. It's the perfect way to round out a meal, please your belly, and leave that little taste of sweetness on the tongue. Whether it's the deep cream of a banana and Nutella tiramisu or the ingenious concoction that is the ice cream sandwich, we all enjoy dessert from time to time, just like we all enjoy a little drink. Well, why not both? Tickle your tummy and your liver - go boozy with the final course. Indulge. Here at Deliveroo, we've drawn up four of Oz's top treat choices so that you don't have to.

1. Gelato Juliette

To kick things off is the Juliette sharer. An indulgent strawberry ice cream centre is partnered perfectly with vanilla Chantilly. Strawberry syrup and a soft Italian undertone of Sicilian Marsala ooze from this top-notch boozy base. The kitchen masterminds down at Gelato Messina are ready and waiting with a portion of their very own European melting pot of syrupy goodness. It is all topped off with intricately piped meringue and plump raspberries, making it look almost too good to eat – almost. Creamy, boozy, chilled, and tasty. Perfect for those hot Aussie days.

2. Banana and Nutella Tiramisu

Not a fan of strawberry? Fancy something with a little more depth? No problemo, there's Darling Gelato. Their Banana and Nutella Tiramisu is a wholly different dish, with a fruity hint and doubled down cocoa tang. This is a seriously rich dessert, a high dose of glucose to say the least. If you like tiramisu and you like banana and Nutella - well, quite frankly you're going to like this dish. Take it slow. One bite at a time. Savour that flavour.  


3. Chilled Moscato

Direct to your door, pristine, and clean. Bottle Butler are all too happy to help when it comes to servings of an alcoholic dessert, particularly in the form of their Moscato wine. One of the oldest wine varieties in the world, peach, orange blossom and nectarine sub flavours mix on your tongue in this white wine bottle and pack a fruity punch. This is the perfect palate cleanser. A wind down liquid dessert fit for any date, hang out, or dinner for one. Moscato is famous for going down well with a third course dish or even for being consumed on its own. End the night a little tipsy why don't you, and try a sip or two?

 4. Iced Affogato

Affogato: ice cream drowned in hot espresso with a shot of amaretto – this is a caffeine blast with substance. If you're full and heavy after a main course, this might just be the dessert for you. Not too heavy, not too much, just a little glass of concentrated goodness that goes down sweet thanks to the work of the chefs down at Macchiato, Pitt Street. Startle your taste buds, enjoy rich flavour and be content in the knowledge that you've done your body good. You'll be awake enough to avoid a post-meal snooze and full enough to keep you going till evening. Good ingredients. Quality mix. Great flavour.

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