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  2. No Carnivore Zone - Four of Australia’s Mind Blowing Veggie Pizzas
Veggie Pizzas With 4 Topping Twists

No Carnivore Zone - Four of Australia’s Mind Blowing Veggie Pizzas

Long gone are the same old, same old menu items of the past. A modern era calls for modern pizza and here at Deliveroo we've mustered up four of our favourite vegetarian pizza creations. And if take-out time this week is at pizza o'clock, variety is exactly what's on offer. Forget sweet corn and mushroom - it's time for a veggie pizza revamp and you're all invited. From truffle paste to pumpkin, from potato to Neapolitan sauce, these toppings are wild, tasty and free. Realise your pizza dreams. Tantalize your taste buds. It's veggie chow time.  

1. The Gourmet Veg Pizza - Feed the Earthlings

You won't find any old veggie combo here, oh no. The dastardly kitchen masterminds at Feed the Earthlings in Gold Coast are much more creative than that. Take a seat and fasten your seatbelt, foodies, it's time for flavour overload. The Gourmet Veg comes stacked with Cajun potato, Spanish onion, soft mushroom and a sweet chilli swirl. It has a spice kick, it has a tangy tomato base and it has a whole lot of substance. That's 13 inches of substance, to be exact. Come on down and get stuck in. This one's bound to slay any craving you can throw at it.

2. Vegan Veggie Explosion - A25 Pizzeria

Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween, it seems. That squashy orange veggie is as versatile as it is tasty and it has found its way into the flavour rainbow down in Melbourne that is A25 Pizzeria's vegan veggie explosion. Eggplant, capsicum, fior de latte, pecorino, olives and basil blend perfectly to whip up a scrumptious sucker punch of taste - much more exciting than a plain old Margarita or sweet corn and onion, for sure. This list is all about new flavours, and that's exactly what you'll find with the explosion - lots of them, all at once!    

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3. The Tartufo White Pizza - SPQR Pizzeria

Hail, Caesar. Number three is another of Melbourne's own, but this one takes us way back to the Rome of old. SPQR Pizzeria's Tartufo White is a blanche blend of truffle paste, potato, rosemary and mozzarella. Don't be fooled by the high-end list of ingredients - the Tartufo White won't break the bank. It will, however, taste fantastic. Truffle is a unique flavour and it brings a whole lot to this dish. Whether you're a first timer or a veteran of the vegetable, this is one pizza not to be missed.

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4. Verdure Pizza Rosse - La Camera

Available in both vegan and veggie iterations, the Verdure Pizza Rosse is last but not certainly not least in this list of meat-free creations. With a Neapolitan sauce and mozzarella base it builds itself up to greatness piece by piece: eggplant, zucchini in marinade, capsicum, olive and mushroom. Alone these toppings might not amount to much. Together, they're a masterpiece. Stomach rumbling? Come on down to La Camera and find yourself a slice - or a whole!  

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