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Roll Up For A Romantic Night In With Perth's Valentine's Day Sushi

Romance Your Palate With Valentine's Day Sushi in Perth

Sashimi, donburi, nigiri or temaki - whichever way you want to spin it, there's plenty of fish in the sea around Perth this Valentine's Day. Alone or on a date, your place or theirs - if you're on the hunt for ocean flavour then look no further, hungry connoisseur. Here at Deliveroo we've listed four of our best sushi dishes so that you don't have to. From smoked salmon and cream cheese, to fish eggs or chicken katsu, we've got flavours and servings aplenty with everyone's favourite platters on hand (and some new inventions too). So read up and pick your dish. After all, what better way to romance your crush than over a succulent California roll?  

1. Sunnie in Phillie - Shimizu Cafe

Salmon and cream cheese - eternal partners in crime. The masterminds down at Shimizu Cafe have combined these two Western favourites with the tradition of sushi. And the end result? The Sunnie in Phillie dish in all its tasty glory. We're talking smoked salmon and cucumber layered with cream cheese, layered with more salmon, layered with more cheese. Oh, and rice of course. A great sharing dish, a great Valentine's plate. A real treat.

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2. Chicken Katsu Sushi Rolls - Restaurant 1903

Chicken katsu curry: a world-renowned favourite in Japanese cuisine. Take that premise (breadcrumbed chicken) and combine it with sushi. What do you get? Why, a creation by the folks at Restaurant 1903, of course. If you've ever wondered how wonderful it would be to enjoy your katsu in infinite bite-sized chunks, wonder no more. Simply come on down and place an order. This is silly, indulgent sushi. Perfect for that Valentine's Day dinner.

3. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll - The Modern Eatery  

Craving something a little less carnivorous? Chicken katsu not quite your thing? Fear not, hungry Romeos and Juliets, there's plenty of flavour left in this list. Up next is a veggie entry: sweet potato tempura rolls from the excellent chefs at The Modern Eatery. Deep fried potato joins forces here with a lick of mayo and veg garnish all rolled in rice to create a truly devilish mouthful of deliciousness. It's simple, it's wholesome, it's indulgent. This is an easy way to double down on the carbs and treat your body - and your date - this Valentine's.

4. Tobiko Avocado Rolls - Mad Kitchen  

Flying fish eggs neatly cooked and a soft veg accompaniment of creamy avocado - another sushi roll, a whole other world of flavour. If you find yourself a little health conscious this Valentine's, worry not, this is the perfect plate for you. Mad Kitchen's perfectly seasoned mouthfuls will leave you both full and in good shape. No need to blow the calorie budget just yet - save that for dessert.

Fancy a bite or two of fresh Aussie fish? Hankering for a bed of fluffy white rice? Order sushi direct to your door with Deliveroo.

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