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Australia’s Best Prawn Curries

4 of Australia’s best prawn curries

Do you like it hot? Or are you all about the mild and creamy? Thanks to the worldwide love of curry – from the katsu kare to the korma – there's a curry for just about everyone.

Add in some seafood and you've got a real treat on your hands. And our love of a good seafood curry runs deep here in Australia – with our beautiful coastlines, can you really blame us? So, we've rounded up some of the best prawn curries that you can get here down under.  

1. Prawn Malabar, Injoy Indian Delights

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Nowadays it's super common to see prawns rustled up with the curry sauces we know and love, just like Injoy's Prawn Malabar. You'll find prawns shelled of everything but their tail and whipped up in a coconut and tomato sauce that brings a subtle but noticeable heat to the meat. The prawns themselves are from our south coast, so you know they're guaranteed to be fresh and juicy.

Where: Injoy Indian Delights, Sydney

2. Chilli Prawns, Royal India Restaurant

This is one for all the chilli fiends out there. These fiery delights are made sizzling hot with tangy ginger, onions, capsicum and – of course – a generous helping of spicy chillies. Pair it up with fluffy basmati rice and a naan bread to let the seafood do all the talking. Sub in a side of raita or plain yoghurt to tame the chilli burn too.  

Where: Royal India Restaurant, Perth

3. Goan Prawn, Aamaya Indian Restaurant

The delicate flavour of this Goan curry is perfect for those of you who prefer mellower flavours. Coconut milk is added to a tomato-capsicum combination for a truly creamy experience. Its trademark flavour comes from cumin and turmeric – which also gives it that rich yellow hue – and Kashmiri red chillies give it a subtle hint of heat.

Where: Aamaya Indian Restaurant, Brisbane

4. Prawn Masala, Beyond India

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Beyond India take a classic curry and jazz it up by adding in some fresh Aussie prawns. Here you'll find a coconut milk sauce, infused with zingy cardamoms and curry leaf.  Though mild, the contrast of coconut and red chillies makes this dish something special. It's a twist on the classic chicken masala, and the fishy tang of the prawn adds an extra dimension to the flavour.

Where: Beyond India, Adelaide


If you want to reel in your own fish dish, head on over to Deliveroo to see what curries are available in your local area.

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