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  2. Dine in style with an authentic Japanese banquet - Experience Japan’s fresh and flavoursome dishes
Dine in style with an authentic Japanese banquet

Dine in style with an authentic Japanese banquet - Experience Japan’s fresh and flavoursome dishes

When you think of Japanese food, you probably conjure up images of plates full of sushi rolls and the taste of sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce, and you would be right. Authentic Japanese cuisine is classic, fresh and full of flavour that once tried can never be forgotten. But what key dishes should you look out for and sample to experience true Japanese cuisine?

Sushi goodness

1. Mizuya

Sushi has to be one of Japan's finest exports and this delicacy is as beautiful and delicate as its taste, these extravagantly presented raw food bites are a treat not to be missed. We love to nibble on the sushi creations from Mizuya with their mixture of traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes. Their elaborate miniature food creations made of a mixture of rice and raw fish served with pickled ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi make a mouth-watering meal. We like to share a mixture of sushi pieces such as fresh Eel Roll, delicious Tuna Sushi, and delicate Salmon and Avocado Roll to create our Japanese banquet.

Indulge in Sashimi

2. Genki Sushi

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Not to be mistaken for sushi, sashimi is a popular Japanese dish in its own right. This delicacy is raw food served on its own, which is generally thin slices of seafood, but other meat varieties are available too, such as beef, horse, and deer. We loved exploring the flavours of this cuisine at Genki Sushi by indulging in Sashimi Moriawase, which is a selection of fresh sashimi meats including tuna, salmon and kingfish.

A delicious bowl

3. ​Goshu Ramen Tei

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Our third Japanese dish that can't be missed is a Ramen, which is a treat that is often overlooked due to the other dishes hogging the spotlight. A Ramen is a delightful dish that combines meat or fish with egg noodles and vegetables in a delicious broth. We visited Goshu Ramen Tei to sample their classic Ramen and we weren't disappointed with the Miso Ramen. This dish combines some of our favourite components with tasty noodles, roasted pork, fresh vegetables and that irresistible broth seasoned with miso that will have you savouring every drop.

Lip snapping sauce

4. Don Don  

One of the most stand-out sauces that will have you returning for more and licking your lips is the classic teriyaki sauce. This sweet and sticky marinade sauce combines soy sauce, sake, ginger and sugar to make any meat delicious. We adored the Teriyaki Chicken Don at the aptly named Don Don, this dish has an exquisite taste from teriyaki, chicken, and vegetables being simmered together before being served over rice. Or maybe you can sample the traditional Japanese take home-box, Bento Box, featuring a teriyaki infused meat, such as Salmon Bento with the moreish salmon teriyaki served alongside salmon sushi, rice, and a leafy salad.

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