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4 awesome acai bowl brought to your door in Sydney

What Are Acai Bowls and Where Can You Find the Best Ones in Sydney?

In Sydney, there are few healthy food trends that go unnoticed. Take trendy vegetarian cuisines, such as an eggy brekkie, for example. While the rest of the world was happily plodding along with their boring poached and scrambled eggs, Sydney cafes and restaurants were creating exciting, innovative egg dishes that cannot be beaten. More recently, Sydney establishments have taken on acai bowls: the Brazilian superfood with more health benefits than you can shake a banana at.

Usually, acai bowls resemble ice cream – and often taste like ice cream – but are actually a thick smoothie of acai usually complemented by muesli, fruit and other tasty toppings. More often than not, an acai bowl is considered a super healthy breakfast option but there's no reason you can't eat it as a dessert or a snack. Which is why we've rounded up this scrumptious selection of acai bowls to enjoy any time of the day.

1. Acai Brothers – Choc 'Treat Yo Self' Bowl

While the basic ingredients of an acai bowl are usually very rudimentary, even the most traditional recipes can be built upon and improved. This is the aim at Acai Brothers, a restaurant that specialises in acai, vegan dishes, raw foods and true Australian cuisine. In addition to the original recipe, which consists of the typical acai, banana and coconut water, Acai Brothers also serves acai bowls garnished with lemon, peppermint and even Nutella. One particular favourite for Acai Brother patrons is the Choc 'Treat Yo Self' Bowl, which features all the classics, as well as creamy coconut yoghurt, chocolate buckini and any three fruits you fancy.

2. O Superfood – All Day Super Brunch Acai Bowl

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Of course, acai bowls aren't just a treat or a dessert – they can be an entire meal that will get you through the day. This is the aim for most of the dishes over at O Superfood, where the healthy food movement comes first. Their acai bowl topped with honey spiced muesli and seasonal fruit is particular popular, possibly due to the unusual addition of mouth-wateringly tasty watermelon. In addition to acai bowls, there's smoothies, salads, juices and plenty of other super healthy meals that will fill you up with all the good stuff your body craves.

3. Tapeo – Healthy Corner Acai Bowl

Still, acai bowls aren't all packed full of ingredients and many consist of only a few essential flavoursome items. You know what they say, less is more and this is a mantra Spanish Seafood restaurant Tapeo lives by. Their acai bowl is incredibly simple and yet is undeniably popular. In addition to banana, Tapeo have decided to add apple juice and top the whole thing off with seasonal fruit and honey. It's modest, it's humble and, above all, it's tasty. You can also get the acai bowl in the form of an on-the-go smoothie, so you can continue powering through your busy day.

4. Common Ground Coffee – All Day Breakfast Acai Bowl

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Finally, we have the all day breakfast acai bowl from one of the most surprising places of all: Common Ground Coffee. Anyone who has ordered from Common Ground Coffee will probably recognise them best for their burgers or, unsurprisingly, their coffee varieties. But they excel in breakfast order too, and you should definitely opt for the acai bowl. Packed with essential nutrients from coconut flakes, chia seeds, granola and fruit, the all day breakfast acai bowl is the perfect way to start any day.

These aren't the only acai bowl options available in the beautiful city of Sydney though, there are even more to found on Deliveroo.

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