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  2. Let someone else slave over the grill and sample American or Korean BBQ specialties
American and Korean BBQ specialities off the grill

Let someone else slave over the grill and sample American or Korean BBQ specialties

We Aussies love a good BBQ but we also like to enjoy foreign foods and adore influences from Asia and America, but being able to bring these two meals types together makes for a winning combination. Americans are famous for their barbecue dishes but they aren't the only nation who has a love for barbecue cuisine, you may not be aware but the Koreans also have fine barbecue skills.

The American grill

American cuisine is heavily influenced by the barbecue cooking technique and like us Aussies, there is always a good excuse to bring out the barbecue. It's not just burgers and sausages that grace their barbecues but legs of lamb, racks of ribs, chicken drumsticks, soft-shell crabs, and each region delivers their own speciality barbecue delights.

Windy Kansas City loves to smother their ribs in sweet, sticky brown marinades, Chicago serves there's up spicy, Memphis prefers to dry-rub their ribs in seasoning, and in Texas they let the meat do the work with only simple seasoning used to enhance the flavour. Travel to the coast in New England to get a taste of the ocean with sea bass. Journey south for southern spiced chicken wings, to Kentucky for pulled pork and brisket and in Carolina, they like to roast a whole hog.

1. Ribs and Burgers

This classic American style restaurant pride themselves on their wide selection of ribs, steaks, and burgers. We adore Ribs and Burgers' Sticky Soy Ribs, these St.Louis style of ribs are lovingly marinated in a sweet and sticky honey soy sauce topped with a chilli peanut crumb.

2. Hurricane's Grill

This grill restaurant serves a medley of meats in a variety of styles, but if like us you struggle to choose between the delicious selection of dishes then why not select a combo platter and share with friends. We indulged in Hurricane's BBQ Meat Platter with its delicious BBQ basted chicken wings, tasty boerewors, juicy lamb cutlets, succulent sirloin steak and mouth-watering ribs.

Korean style

Americans and Aussies aren't the only nations that love a great barbecue and have grilled dishes as part of their national cuisine. The Korean's love to grill their meat and they call the technique gogi-gui. In Korean, they often bring the barbecue to you and a lot of chefs cook on special grills that are built into the table. A Korean barbecue is most commonly consists of pork, beef, or chicken.

3. Arisun

This Sydney-based Korean restaurant is famous for its smoke grilled meats, crispy fried chicken, and signature black bean noodles, and although it is primarily Korean food it draws influences from China and Japan. When we sampled Arisun menu we couldn't resist ordering their smoke grilled Spicy Pork Belly, this thinly sliced pork is marinated in a deliciously spicy sauce and for that added indulgence we added cheese. This tasty barbecue dish definitely had us hooked and we will be trying more Korean barbecue food.

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