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4 Delicious Dishes Featuring Cheese Sauce In Melbourne

Cheese Sauce Dishes Guaranteed To Make You Grin

There's an old wives' tale that eating too much cheese before bed's going to give you nightmares. But we couldn't disagree more so we've put together a collection of dishes that cheese lovers can only dream about.

We're not talking about cheesy pizza here either. That's because we've decided to look beyond the obvious to bring you four treats from some of Melbourne's many American takeaways.  They're all pretty different but they do have one thing in common - loads and loads of lovely, melted cheese that turns them into absolute savoury delights!

1. Loaded Dog - The Merrywell

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We've got to say it. You're going to be more than happy when you see exactly what The Merrywell's got in store for you. They're famous all across the city for their burgers and, thanks to dishes like this, their hot dogs are earning a fantastic reputation too. The Loaded Dog comes with a luscious covering of melted cheese, bacon bits, caramelised onion and the smoky tang of caramelised BBQ sauce. If you're in the mood for even more spice, then go for their Texas Chilli version - it really is one hot dog!

2. Chilli Cheese Fries - 8 Bit

Down at 8 Bit, they're also a big wheel in the Melbourne burger scene - and they put just as much effort into offering sides that are good enough to be the main event. A prime example is their Chilli Cheese Fries. No ordinary chips, these! They're coated in a beer batter, deep fried and then smothered with the 8 Bit special cheese sauce. But they don't stop there, no sir! Chilli beef, jalapenos and spring onions get loaded on top as well to create one of the most indulgent servings of fries it'll ever be your pleasure to devour.

3. Chicken Ribs - Straight Six

It's an instant 10/10 for these flavoursome little beauties brought to you by Straight Six. Succulent pieces of chicken are covered in a special blend of breadcrumbs and spices and deep fried until golden and crisp. They're delicious on their own, but it's the accompanying cheese sauce that raises the dish to a whole other level. You even have the choice of whether you want it mild to let the taste of the chicken sing out or hot to turn it all into a spicy delight. Either way, chicken with cheese has never tasted so right before!

4. Buffalo Cauliflower with Blue Cheese Sauce - The Silver Lake Social

You'll want to make friends with The Silver Lake Social when you hear about this veggie treat! A chunky slice of cauliflower that's been marinated in classic Cayenne Buffalo sauce is chargrilled till tender and served with a tangy blue cheese sauce. It's a melt-in-the-mouth delight with a whole lot of flavours going on. Or, if you fancy a different kind of cheesy brassica treat, then their Broccoli with Macaroni and Jalapenos also takes some beating!

Now that you've checked out the cheesy delights that we've found for you in Melbourne, let Deliveroo bring them right to you.

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