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  2. Six Of The World’s Best Beef Dishes Served Up In Melbourne
Six Of The World’s Best Beef Dishes Served Up In Melbourne

Six Of The World’s Best Beef Dishes Served Up In Melbourne

Beef's a versatile meat and you'll find it served up in all manner of different ways around the globe. Here in Australia, we are lucky enough to get the full gamut of beef dishes that you find in other countries as well as the more typical local options of beef cooked on the bbq or in a meat pie!

Of course, the one dish we're all familiar with is the iconic beef burger; originally from the USA but now adopted by almost every nation's cuisine in one way or another. If you hanker after some beef served up in a different style, check out our list of show-stopping beef dishes from around the world, but all available right here in Melbourne.

1. Wagyu Beef

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Wagyu beef is a pricey piece of beef but it is so for a reason. The beef from wagyu cattle is heavily marbled with lots of intramuscular fat. This provides the melt-in-the-mouth texture and intense flavour that has become synonymous with this particular cut of beef. The intense flavour of wagyu beef is due to the disintegration of monounsaturated fats during cooking and subsequently has become so sought-after pieces of beef in recent years.

At Mama Buoi's Vietnamese restaurant, the Wagyu Beef comes with rice and is cooked with lemongrass, chilli, oyster sauce and Asian broccoli.

2. Steak Tartare de la Maison

For those who like their steak on the rarer side, steak tartare is definitely one that should feature on your beef bucket list. It's basically raw ground  high quality beef that is served with onions and seasoning, as well as other accompaniments such as a raw egg yolk. At Entrecôte, the beef is pasture-fed Angus that is served with shallots, capers, egg yolk, a spicy sauce and pommes gaufrettes, paper thin waffle textured chips, that provide the perfect crispy base to the melt in your mouth meat.

3. Rare Steak Sandwich


Nothing beats a great steak sandwich and that's what you'll get if you order the Rare Steak Sandwich from the Rare Steakhouse. As suitable for an office lunch as a Saturday evening treat, this 100g eye fillet comes with mushrooms, caramelised onion, dijon mayo and lettuce on toasted ciabatta. Chips on the side finish off this perfect comfort-food dish.

4. Spicy Braised Beef Rib

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Beef ribs are enjoyed in different cuisines around the world but a stand out version has to be the ribs that have recently come out of Korea. At Gangnam Pocha Melbourne, the beef ribs are cooked in traditional Korean spices and served in a honey soy sauce. Alongside there's also a helping of comforting root vegetables and rice, as well as rice cake.

5. Beef goulash

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Goulash is a dish that features in many Central European countries' cuisines but is probably most readily associated with Hungary. It's a stew made with meat, usually beef, and vegetables, that's seasoned with spices and paprika. At Budapest in Glen Huntly Road, the beef shanks are slowly cooked with tomato, onion, a variety of spices including smoky paprika to make a hearty stew. It's served with nokedli pasta dumplings or peasant potatoes for those with gluten intolerances.

6. Beef Bomb

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Hawaiian Poke bowls have taken the world by storm in recent years and Australia hasn't been slow to take up the trend. At Nosh, the Beef Bomb is a poke bowl loaded with seared beef cubes, roasted veggies and a mixed leaf salad. Everything's drizzled with a spicy caramel ginger and cauliflower corn blend. This is a bowl that ticks off your five a day, and provides you with a protein hit as well!

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