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Sydney's Best Burger Sauces

The sauce of true burger-eating pleasure in Sydney

You just can't beat a good burger when you're ravenous for food and just need to get your hands on some meat. So it's lucky that there's been a real explosion in top quality gourmet burger joints in the last few years – and that they all want to push the boundaries when it comes to putting together new combinations. Lucky us!

But for all the fancy ingredients it's really the sauce that holds everything together – sometimes quite literally – so we're taking a look at burgers whose sauces may be a little different to the usual. Sometimes they're secret recipes, other times they're just quirky and unexpected, but they always make the burger what it is.

So take a look at our saucy suggestions and then enjoy your own favourites from Sydney's many burger places available on Deliveroo.

1. The Aussie - Ribs & Burgers

Here's a true blue Aussie classic for you, courtesy of Ribs & Burgers. It's a beef patty with beetroot, pineapple, Swiss cheese, bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and pickles – but the real secret ingredient is their Aunty Joan's pink sauce. What's in it? They're definitely not willing to share, so all we can do is enjoy eating it.

2. Charlie Chomper - Chargrill Charlie's

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It really is a secret sauce that they add to the Chomper at Charlie's Grill and it goes beautifully well with the other toppings which include bacon, pineapple and cheese, not to mention the lettuce, tomatoes and onion that's all served up in a soft milk bun.

3. Trippin Zeahorse - Bondi Tony's

Bondi Tony's deserves credit for their burger-naming policy for a start – it's certainly the only place in Sydney that you'll ever be able to find the Trippin Zeahorse (no, we don't know why, either). But all you do need to know is that it's a grass-fed burger with bacon, lettuce, super-melted cheese and no less than two special sauces, namely Claudia's tomato relish and Bondi Tony's seeded mustard aioli mayonnaise.

4. B.B. King Burger - Sweet Lou's

They must be old blues-lovers down at Sweet Lou's. After all, there's also an Original Redding burger on the menu as a homage to Otis. But, just like the very best 12-bar blues, they keep the BB King burger as simple as can be with the special Sweet Lou's sauce perfectly complementing the crisp cos lettuce, the tasty cheese and the all-Aussie beef patty. Taste it and it's enough to make you burst into song yourself, and go double if you're extra hungry.

5. Fried Chicken Katsu - Burger Project

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If you're about to ask "where's the beef" in this offering from Burger Project, then save your breath. Isn't there room in the world for burgers for people who don't always want red meat, especially when they taste this good? The special sauce in this case is Japanese-inspired katsu that's served up with a deep-fried free range chicken breast, coleslaw, pickles and lettuce.

Get to grips with a fantastic burger today and let Deliveroo speed it straight to your door.

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