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  2. Fancy a Chinese meal? Try one of Brisbane’s top Chinese restaurants
Fancy a Chinese Meal? Try One of Brisbane’s Top Chinese Restaurants

Fancy a Chinese meal? Try one of Brisbane’s top Chinese restaurants

There's good Chinese food, and then there's great Chinese food. When you're in the mood for a Chinese takeaway, it's important to know the best place to order it from.

We've put together a list of the finest places to get a Chinese meal in Brisbane. For good measure, we've highlighted our recommended dishes in each restaurant which we urge you to try!

1. Sichuan Bang Bang

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At Sichuan Bang Bang, there's a great selection of Chinese food, whether you're looking for your old favourites such as Black Pepper Chicken Kung Pao Prawn or fried rice and chow mein. But the focus is on bringing regional specialties from all over China, including dishes like classic Sichuan Beef Hot Pot or Shanghainese pork spare ribs.

One of our favourites, though, has to be the traditional starter of Peking Duck, which includes shredded duck, five pancakes, cucumber matchsticks and spring onions and hoi sin sauce. You can't beat it as a traditional Chinese appetiser. Of course, all kinds of different cuisines include duck dishes but it's probably Chinese food that this succulent and sweet meat is most associated with.

2. Yum Cha Cuisine

You're spoilt for choice at Yum Cha Cuisine, which has a wide selection of Chinese dishes and specialises in traditional Yum Cha lunches. For those of you who are wondering what yum cha means, it's the Cantonese name for the whole meal in which you drink Chinese tea and eat dim sum dishes.

The Yum Cha selection is huge with classics such as Lotus Paste buns and pan fried pork dumplings. However, if you're looking for something a little bit different try one of their Hot Plate dishes - our pick are the Mongolian Lamb Fillets. Simply delicious!

3. FantAsia

While authentic flavours and traditional cooking are key to FantAsia's menu, they also like to make use of the best seasonal and local ingredients.

Try the Steamed Ginger Barramundi, which is served with a ginger and shallot pesto, or the Chinese BBQ pork with rice. The meat is marinated in char-siu style and roasted to a sweet sticky finish. No wonder it's one of FantAsia's most popular dishes.

4. Peng You China Kitchen & Bar

Most people who eat Chinese food regularly will often get a few dishes to share with their party. That way you get a taste of everything. "Peng You", means "friends" and Peng You China Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant that operates on the same philosophy - that their diners will be sharing their dishes in a tapas-like style.

We recommend the Spicy Kung Pow Chicken, which is bite-sized pieces of chicken cooked with Sichuan pepper, chilli and peanuts. To accompany it, there are sides such as Fried Silken Tofu with teriyaki sauce and Baby Bok Choy cooked in oyster sauce. Put them together with steamed jasmine rice or Hong Kong vermicelli noodles.

Whatever Chinese food you're in the market for, you'll find it all at Deliveroo.

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