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Discover 5 Chinese Seafood Dishes in Sydney

How would you like your seafood, sir?

Now summer's here we're right in the middle of the seafood-eating season and restaurant menus all round Sydney have a great range of dishes on offer.

But what's often overlooked is just how fantastic some of the fish and seafood dishes are at lots of the city's top Chinese restaurants too. From prawns to scallops and squid to John Dory there's a whole lot of ingredients that they know how to cook in their own special ways from frying to steaming and roasting to grilling.

So if you fancy sampling the very best of Sydney's seafood, given that special Asian twist, here are five superb dishes to get your taste buds going.

1. Deep-Fried Calamari with Spicy Salt and Chilli - Sky Phoenix

It's a classic starter that features in many cuisines from Italian to Spanish and even French but at Sky Phoenix they give it their own oriental treatment by serving the deep-fried squid rings with spicy salt and chilli that have more than a little kick to it. Quite simply, it's the perfect way to start any meal.

2. Steamed Prawn Dumplings - Mister Dee's

If you're looking for a slightly healthier, but still delicious way to kick things off then Mister Dee's definitely have the answer. Instead of deep frying these dumplings they're gently steamed in a traditional bamboo basket until perfectly cooked through. The filling is delicately spiced so as not to overpower the flavour of the prawn and it's the perfect dish for sharing too.

3. Pan-Fried John Dory with Asian Slaw and Lime Dressing - Mahjong Room

Head over to the Mahjong Room if you want to enjoy a fish dish that looks as spectacular as it tastes. They take market-fresh John Dory and pan-fry it to crispy perfection before serving it with an Asian slaw designed to complement the meaty fish. The addition of the lime dressing really brings the flavours of both the fish and the slaw to life to create what must very nearly be the perfect dish for fish lovers.

4. Scallop Ma Po with Tofu - Fei Jai

At Fei Jai they take plump, juicy scallops, gently steam them still in their shells and serve them Ma Po style with Szechuan-style bean curd as well as shitake mushrooms. For such a simple dish, using plain, but top-quality ingredients, it certainly punches well above its weight.

5. Fresh Lobster - Fortune King Seafood Restaurant

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Last, but by no means, least here's the king of all seafood feasts, courtesy of Fortune King Seafood Restaurant. At $99 it's certainly one for special occasions but if you feel like flashing the cash they will select a lobster for you from their tank and prepare it any way you'd care to enjoy it – and who could resist that?

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