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  2. Enjoying snack time Asian style in Australia with delicious curry puffs
Get your snack on with Asian curry puffs

Enjoying snack time Asian style in Australia with delicious curry puffs

When it comes to the light bite scene, Asian cuisine is up there with its fair share of contenders for king of the snack. Whether you're in Perth and fancy some Thai-style spring rolls or fish cakes, want to escape a mundane workday in Canberra thanks to some top-notch snacking, or just want to highlight that the Gold Coast isn't all about surfing, we have your snacking needs covered across Australia.

Perhaps one of the most underrated Asian snack options, though, are traditional curry puffs, which have long been popular across Asia, especially in India, Singapore and Malaysia. Here are four restaurants in Australia that prove these deep-fried delights can be enjoyed coast to coast thanks to Deliveroo.

1. Thai Orchid's Chicken Curry Puffs

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Whether you're studying at Curtin University or have been hitting the greens at Collier Park Golf course, there is always going to be a need to feed your hunger in South Perth. Luckily, we have teamed up with Thai Orchid to bring you their stunning Chicken Curry Puffs. These combine a beautiful crunch with an in-your-face dose of curry powder. The satisfaction to this indulgent dish is brought about by spiced potatoes. Most interesting of all is arguably the decision to send the dish out with cucumber sauce on the side.

2. Curry Puff Heaven at Thai Chian Rai

This delicious-looking photo shows that Curry Puffs are best treated as an indulgent snack rather than a whole meal, but what it fails to show is the sublime manner in which sweet and sour sauce can be combined with delicious beef, tender potato, and pastry. Those working and living in Canberra now have no excuse but to get their snack on in style with Thai Chian Rai.

3. Veggie Puffs at Asian Treasures

Asian Treasures serve up a surfer's paradise of meals to those on the Gold Coast and their Curry Puffs are one of the best vegetarian options for those who love Asian food. Their bite-sized delights are proof that these dishes don't need meat to be treasured.

Using the normal mix of curry powder and potatoes, the added touch of flavour comes from a rich array of mixed vegetables that will leave even your meat-eating friends wanting more.

4. Beef Curry Puffs from Thai Style

Those living in Melbourne already have it all when it comes to the world of sports with F1, a fantastic cricket stadium and the Australian Open on their doorstep, but do they have it better than Brisbane when it comes to Thai-inspired starters? One restaurant that fights Melbourne's corner is Thai Style and their Beef Curry Puffs.

For those who hanker after a bit of beef, these deep fried treasures bring you just the right balance of spice, crunch and meaty flavour. This is one of the tastiest snacks to get hold of in Melbourne and they act as a great introduction to Asian snacks for those not in the know.

Quieten that persistent growling noise from your stomach courtesy of some curry puffs from Deliveroo.  

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