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The Creamiest, Tastiest Custard Desserts in Melbourne

The Dreamiest Desserts All Come With Lashings of Custard!

A sweet's just a sweet, but it takes custard to transform it into a true dessert. There's something about its egg-rich sweetness and pale yellow shade that provides the perfect finishing touch and adds that all-important wow factor to sponges, cakes and puddings.

Of course, it doesn't always have to be poured over the top. Custard makes for a fabulous ingredient too, and the dessert takeaways of Melbourne have got using it down to a fine art. Here's a rundown of four of the finest examples of this magical substance that we've come across. We hope that you'll sample them all to see if you agree with our choices.

1. Salted Caramel Custard Bombolini - Mill And Bakery

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If you've never come across bombolini before, you're in for a fantastic surprise. They're essentially an Italian doughnut made in the style that usually has jam in the middle, not the ring variety. Mill and Bakery are experts at making these light and fluffy delights, deep frying them and coating them with caster sugar. But the real magic happens when they fill each one with not just ordinary custard but the salted caramel variety. The result is just the right side of salty, extra sweet and even more delicious. The best news is that these come in just one size – large.

2. Bread and Butter Pudding - By Josephine

You may have enjoyed bread and butter pudding in the past, but probably never quite like this one. By Josephine have put their gourmand hallmark on the dessert in a way only they know. A sweet custard unifies the whole dish, soaking luxuriantly into the slices of brioche-style bread. A sharper note comes from raspberry coulis while chocolate chips and pistachio nuts add a crunch to the velvety soft dessert.

3. Quinoa Crumble - Vege2Go

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There are some pretty delicious desserts to be had in Melbourne but this one certainly takes some beating. Quinoa's the sort of ingredient that you'd normally expect to find in a healthy salad but here it creates a superfood sweet. Softly poached pears and peaches are surrounded by a delicately spiced, vegan cinnamon soy vanilla custard while the crumble on top is made from flaked quinoa. It's not simply delicious, Vege2Go have made sure that it's 100% gluten-free too.

4. Banana Cream Pie - Daisy Dukes Pie Shop

We've gone bananas over this supremely indulgent dessert from Daisy Dukes Pie Shop. Part cheesecake and part meringue pie, it's the very definition of a sweet treat. At its base is a crisp biscuit crust that's piled high with vanilla custard, fresh bananas and a white chocolate cream. It's all topped by swirls of chewy, light meringue that's been lightly toasted to add a note of nuttiness to each bite. It's so delicious that you'll surely want to keep it all for yourself!

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