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  2. The best dishes that prove vegan cheese is for everyone
These dishes prove vegan cheese can be for everyone

The best dishes that prove vegan cheese is for everyone

Back in June 2017, a study revealed that Melbourne was set to become the vegan capital of the world after vegan restaurants, vegan dessert bars and vegan cafes began popping up all around the city. Of course, Melbourne isn't the only Australian city that has embraced veganism in a big way, with locations including Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane offering a plethora of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Even more interesting is the fact that many of these new establishments are offering much more than the typical zoodles or salad dishes you may expect. Quite the contrary, as many places have started making dishes including meat substitutes and vegan cheese. It is the latter that we'll be focusing on today, as it is truly amazing what our Australian chefs are coming up with.

1. Vegan Margherita

For individuals who have made the choice to be vegan or have some sort of dietary issue such as lactose intolerance that prevents them from eating cheese, pizza has long remained an inedible food. This is such a shame, since pizza is just so incredibly yummy and comes in so many delicious varieties. Fortunately for citizens of Brisbane there are plenty of veggie restaurants including Veganism Pizzeria, where pizzas of all kinds are created without any animals being involved at any point. They even serve 'meaty' vegan pizzas using vegan ham, vegan bacon, vegan pepperoni and almost any other vegan meat alternative you can think of. As for vegan cheese, it appears on almost every dish, including the Vegan Margherita, a modern take on an old classic.

2. The Vegan 3 Cheese Chilli Dawg

Of course, Brisbane isn't the only Australian city that has introduced vegan products to its inhabitants. In Sydney, even American-style burger joints are beginning to offer vegan 'meat' alternatives that ensure everyone can eat together regardless of their dietary choices. One such restaurant is D'Munchies, where you can order the vegan 3 Cheese Chilli Dawg with chips – that's right, it'll have cheese, meat and all the other good things everyone eats, but the best bit is that all the ingredients are completely vegan. Another option D'Munchies offers their vegan customers is the vegan chicken n' cheese burger, which again is vegan from top bun to base.

3. Vegan Burgers

Meanwhile, over in Adelaide they've taken things a step further by creating an entire burger joint where almost everything on the menu is entirely vegan from burgers and hot dogs to cheese fries and deluxe sauces. The establishment is called Lord of the Fries and offers a total of six different vegan burgers that have everything anyone could ever want whether they want a traditional, tasty patty or a quirky, modern burger. For those interested in the latter, there's the Phish Vegan Burger, which features a vegan fish patty topped with vegan cheese and salad. Alternatively, there's the Parma, a unique take on the traditional chicken burger consisting of vegan chicken schnitzel, vegan bacon and Napoli sauce.

For even more vegan options around Australia, check out Deliveroo and see what the restaurants near you are up to.

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