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The Best Egg Noodle Restaurants in Sydney

5 Sydney restaurants that have really cracked egg noodles

There are some fantastic Chinese restaurants in Sydney for you to choose from, but if you've got a real yearning for a tasty egg noodles dish there are some who truly stand out more than others.

From the plain and simple to more complicated dishes and even soups, there's a fantastic range of variations to choose from. And when you see just how many Chinese takeaways there are in the city you'll see that we've certainly had our work cut out finding the very best ones for you.

But if you love your noodles just as much as we do, we think that when you sample any of these five great dishes you'll be sure to agree that we've picked some real winners for you.

1. Egg Noodles - Luyu and Yum Yum

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Over at Luyu and Yum Yum it's one of their most simple dishes that customers come back to enjoy again and again. They take fresh noodles and add king prawns and oyster mushrooms along with carrots, baby corn and chives to create a dish that's as tasty as it is straightforward – so no wonder that it's so very popular with diners.

2. Spicy Cumin Lamb Ripped Noodles - Noodle Warriors

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With a name like Noodle Warriors, you know that you're going to be in for something pretty special when you order from this restaurant, and we can assure you that this dish will be everything you hope for and more. It's one of a number of dry noodle dishes on the menu and, for our money, the most flavoursome and interesting. What really makes it is the tender lamb - not a meat you find on many Chinese menus - which has been delicately spiced with cumin, with spectacular results.

3. Egg Noodles with Garlic - Mushroom, Soy and Chives, Fei Jai

Egg noodles are always a vegetarian favourite on the menu and this version from Fei Jai certainly ticks all of the boxes. The garlic and soy are the elements that create the really powerful flavours and these are perfectly counterbalanced by both the mushrooms and chives to make a dish that's simple but certainly not plain.

4. Egg Noodles with Baby Corn - Shallot and Chinese Broccoli, China Diner

If you like a little crunch to your egg noodle dish then this offering from China Diner should fit the bill perfectly. The baby corn is cooked "al dente", if we can steal a term from Italian cuisine, as is the unusual ingredient of Chinese broccoli, to create a dish that's just as notable for its textures as its flavour.

5. Roast Duck with Pork Wonton Egg Noodle Soup - Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu have taken some classic Chinese ingredients to create a soup that's substantial enough to be a main course. The generous slices of roast duck make the perfect partners to the pork wontons while the egg noodles add those essential carbs. We think you'll like the result.

So get out the chopsticks now and order these delicacies from Deliveroo, chop chop!

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