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Perth’s Top Fillings For A Morning Crepe

Flip-tastic Fillings For A Morning Crepe In Perth

Crepes or pancakes make a great breakfast choice, especially as they can be equally good as a savoury or sweet option. Whatever kind of appetite you wake up with, a crepe can fit the bill.

Pancakes can be a reasonably modest serving or an excessively large one; it really depends on whether you want a short stack with a coffee or a big plateful that will see you through 'til well beyond lunchtime.

Perth's cafes and restaurants are bursting with imaginatively-conceived fillings for pancakes and crepes; you certainly won't be short of options here!

1. Nutella crepes

It's the classic choice for kids; pancakes that have been liberally topped with lashings of Nutella. At Pancakes at Carillon, there's also a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dusting of icing sugar. You can't beat this simple but delicious choice and it's no wonder that kids big and small order this one again and again. However, if you have a really big appetite, you could always go for the monster-sized Chocolate Obsession, pictured above.

If you're looking for a sweet topping with a little more sophistication about it, perhaps you'll go for the Raspberry and Rhubarb Pancakes at Carillon with home-made raspberry and rhubarb compote served on buttermilk pancakes, along with some whipped mascarpone cheese and ice-cream. Sweet, but with a tangy edge thanks to the rhubarb, and scattered with a helping of anti-oxidant rich blueberries, it's not a bad way to start the day!

2. Salted Caramel and Banana pancakes

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For a sweet, fruity and crunchy pancake filling, then check out the Salted Caramel and Banana pancakes at The Coffee Club. You'd better be hungry if you order this dish as it comes with three pancakes that are topped with roasted banana, toasted macadamia nuts, and salted caramel sauce. Cinnamon ricotta provides an antidote to all that sweetness, resulting in a perfect blend of flavours and textures on a single plate.

3. Smoked Salmon and Avocado crepes

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At the opposite end of the scale to a sweet breakfast is the classic savoury breakfast choice of smoked salmon. At Okyee Crepes, the smoked salmon comes with a generous serving of avocado and is served on a crepe. Both salmon and avocado are superfoods that are featuring more and more often on breakfast menus in restaurants across the country. This duo of fillings will give you a power-packed start to the day.

4. The 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 - a full breakfast with pancakes on the side

At Breve Cafe and Bar, there's a whole section of the menu devoted to pancakes, including the ones pictured above topped with cream and red fruits, but our favourite has to be the 2 x 2 x 2 x 2. It's a full fry-up plus pancakes; that's two pancakes, two fried eggs, two hash browns, and two strips of crispy bacon. This is a breakfast that's both satisfying and sustaining, and definitely on the savoury side of the line.

5. Breakfast Quesadilla

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At Tarts Cafe, they do serve regular pancakes with a mixed berry compote and mascarpone but, for something a little different, why not try the Breakfast Quesadilla? It's a flour tortilla (so pancake-like), that's loaded with scrambled eggs, guacamole, cheddar cheese, olive tapenade, tomato, corn salsa, rocket, and coriander. This one definitely could pass as a big brunch option, so make sure you're hungry enough for it!

Have you settled on sweet or savoury yet? When you've made up your mind, get your breakfast crepe or pancake order in at Deliveroo!

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