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Quesadillas Make for a Great Mexican Treat, No Questions Asked

The Quest For Perth’s Most Perfect Quesadillas

There aren't many cuisines that are quite as satisfying as Mexican and we're very lucky in Perth to have so many places ready and willing to supply us with a vast range of tasty vegetarian and meaty treats. Top of the list for many people are quesadillas, delicious cheesy parcels of goodness that also make the perfect vehicle for lots of other ingredients. So even if you love different kinds of tacos and think that burritos are even better, don't forget the good old quesadilla if you want quicker and simpler taste and sensation. We've been out and about in the city doing a lot of the legwork for you. So now all you have to do is order one of these great versions for yourself.

1. Vegetarian Quesadilla - Salsa's

They may not exactly be over-selling it with the name, but Salsa's Vegetarian Quesadilla is like a mariachi band playing on your tongue! Salsa fresca and smoky chipotle mayo deliver the big flavours while tender black beans, onion and pepper deliver the texture and a big pile of grated cheese adds that essential savoury element to unite all the other ingredients. The surrounding tortilla provides a gloriously soft envelope for the whole dish, making it the perfect finger food.

2. Quesadilla - Mad Mex

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You'll be taking on quite a handful when it comes this version of the dish. That's because they pile it high with melted cheese, your own choice of filling as well as capsicums and onions that have been slow roasted to intensify the flavour. There's also their own special version of pico de gallo, a classic Mexican blend of tomatoes, cilantro, chilli peppers onion and lime juice that cuts through with its piquant acidity. With a good dollop of sour cream and salsa on the side, you'd be crazy not to check out Mad Mex's quesadilla.

3. Spinach and Potato Quesadillas - Pancho's Mexican Villa

You'll find another terrific vegetarian version of the quesadilla down at Pancho's Mexican Villa, as well as the Popeye special! It comes deep-filled with fresh spinach and tender cubes of potato along with tomato and red onion salsa sandwiched between two soft flour tortillas that have been toasted on both sides. It's finished with a savoury balsamic glaze and, to add a superfood element, it's also served with guacamole on the side. Of course, if you'd like a meat quesadilla instead they're also more than happy to replace the spinach and potato with beef or chicken.

4. Meat Quesadilla - Zambrero

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Served as a starter, the meat quesadillas at Zambrero won't just do you good, it'll do a whole lot of good to someone who needs it too. That's because the restaurant calls itself a "Mexican with a Mission" so if you also have a bowl or a burrito to follow your quesadilla they'll donate a meal to someone who really needs it. It's part of their famous Plate 4 Plate initiative. So they're not just relieving hunger in Perth, but all round the world!

No question about it, quesadillas are a fantastic Mexican treat. So spoil yourself with Deliveroo.

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