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  2. Summer Fresh - The Ultimate Sushi in Sydney
Summer Fresh - The Ultimate Sushi in Sydney

Summer Fresh - The Ultimate Sushi in Sydney

Summertime in Australia is one of the best. The weather is lovely, the opportunity to take part in outdoor activities is vast and it's Christmas. All this without even mentioning the food, which is pretty amazing. The festive barbecue on the beach, seasonal fruit, and vegetables, the list goes on. What's really appealing about summer food is that it is so fresh and, given that a lot of Australia's major cities are on the coast, seafood is perfect this time of year. It's no surprise then,  that in Sydney, Australia's biggest city , fresh seafood is a big deal, and it is sushi that is leading the way.

1. Hawaiian Style

Hawaii is a beautiful place but, when it is winter there, it is summer in Sydney, so there is no contest about where you spend your time. However, if you are feeling in the mood for a summer dressing up party, with Hawaiian leis and tropical print shirts, then Kobe Jones can provide with freshly made Hawaiian sushi. Their Hawaiian roll is a sushi lover's dream. Salmon, kingfish, tuna, and snapper are all found in the dish, along with a host of other complimenting flavours such as soy, shallots and burdock root.

2. Summer Colours

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The vibrant colours of summer are truly uplifting so, when you get food that is multicoloured, it has the same effect. The Rainbow roll at Table 43 gives you an eclectic mix of summer colours, from the green of avocado and cucumber to the orange of carrot. Add the tuna and sashimi and the Rainbow roll is a colourful sushi feast. Alternatively, you could just order lots of different sushi and enjoy your sushi in Sydney al fresco.

3. Serious Sushi Fan

If you're a hardcore sushi fanatic, then the Sushi Ten dish at Niji Sushi Bar will be right up your street. Your stomach will be urging you to eat after hearing the amazing components of Sushi Ten. Get ready everyone. Sushi Ten comprises of tuna, salmon, kingfish, prawn, unagi, salmon belly, snapper, scallop, fish of the day, and beef tataki. Whilst beef tataki seems a bit odd next to all the fish, it definitely deserves a place on this all mighty platter. The perfect selection for anyone who can't get enough sushi.  

4. A Taste of the Sea

Given that sushi can consist of fish and nori, delicacies from the sea, sushi that transports you there is a must. Zushi's Ocean roll does just that. Under the delicate flavours of sweet soy and honey mayo, there is sushi goodness that will leave you desperate to get your beach gear ready and go swimming. How does salmon, seared salmon, flying fish roe, cucumber and avocado sound? The answer is definitely "delicious". What's even better is that Zushi has branches in Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, and Barangaroo, so it's easy to treat your taste buds to the Ocean roll.

You are no doubt hungry for sushi by now, especially after all these mouth-watering dishes. Never fear: Deliveroo can get your sushi cravings satisfied.

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