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Sydney's Best Gelato And Ice Cream To Beat The Heat

Nice ice, baby: The top gelato emporiums in Sydney

Things are really beginning to heat up here in Sydney, and with great heat comes a great responsibility to choose great gelato. Second-rate ice cream simply won't do.

We all know that 'Straya is full of stunning dessert options, and a cooling gelato is often quite rightly at the forefront of those choices. Whatever your flavour of fancy or your topping of choice, world-class gelato is only ever a few taps away in any of the great cities of Australia, and to that end, there are no finer examples than in our great city.

1. Gelato Messina

Messina is one of the major cities on the Mediterranean isle of Sicily and this pleasant Alfred Street ice creamery is just as you'd expect it - inspired directly by the famous gelato makers of the region. Taste is right at the top of the priority list, here, and there are a host of stunning flavours and mixes to choose from, including a range of weekly specials. Gelato Messina also provides large, show-stopping themed party ice creams designed for sharing, if your party requires an extra-special gelato fix. Their Hazelnut Zucotto is a thing of rare beauty - and don't be fooled by the fact it is advertised as "small" - she's a multiplayer game!

2. RivaReno

Based in a handful of locations across the city, RivaReno is one of the city's most popular gelato hideouts and comes blessed with an assortment of the most mouth-watering flavours you could imagine. Reaching far beyond the old favourites - though offering them, too - they serve up variations as expansive as kiwi, passion fruit and matcha dependent on the seasonality of the ingredients. In fact, their famous pistachio di bronte is one of the most revered gelato flavours in Sydney. Whether buying by the cone or by the tub, they are reasonably priced and unerringly consistent.

3. Darling Gelato

Based in the Liverpool Street Hoyden Arcade, Darling Gelato offer a range of fancy flavours and tasty treats. Another with a real sense of authentic Italian heritage, one of their selling points is their range of lava truffle gelatos, that come in pistachio, nero and bianco flavour mixes. That range is enough on its own, but when you throw in their wild berry tiramisu with caramel topping, well, you'll be hooked.

4. N2 Extreme Gelato

It's not uncommon for an Aussie eatery to just come out and tell their customers how it is, and make no mistake, N2 Extreme Gelato is exactly that - extreme. Packed with bolshy flavours and handsome helpings, it is an impactful menu with taste sensations such as the cherry-infused black forest and the tangy coconut, passion fruit and orange blossom sorbet. Be sure to grab one of their chocolate syringes, too, for an extra layer of flavour.

5. Anita Gelato

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Nothing short of a dessert haven, Anita Gelato is based on Broadway and serves up everything from Belgian waffles to fruitshakes via their flagship offering, genius gelato. Their 500ml tubs are heaped with the good stuff and include up to three flavours of the customer's choosing, while they also cater for those in hunt of a more substantial feed with a four-flavour litre tub. Treat yourself and smear it over a Belgian waffle for something a little extra special.

Life is too short to brave the blistering heat. All of these gelato emporiums are ready and waiting to deliver your next sweet treat via Deliveroo.

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