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Hangover Hunger: Top Brunch Ideas for The Morning After in Melbourne

Hangover hunger: top brunch ideas for the morning after the night before

We've all been there... Waking up after one beer turned into a fully fledged night out, feeling as though we might never be able to drink again. The only thing on your mind is what you're going to be eating while you binge-watch Stranger Things on Netflix.

Sometimes the usual eggs and bacon doesn't quite cut it, for an alternative brunch, we've got lots of inspiration for those mornings (or afternoons) when you haven't. Here's our roundup of some of Melbourne's best brunches for difficult mornings.

1. Guzman Y Gomez

If you find that you always crave spice when you're hungover, then a burrito is probably your best bet. It's crammed with carbs to satiate those cravings, and the guac and salad surely count as one of your five a day. At Guzman, you could even add churros on the side, and either save them for after your afternoon nap, or enjoy them after your burrito for a sugary hit. It's proof that there are solid alternatives to eggs for brunch.  

2.  The Pancake Parlour

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If you've got a bit of a sweet tooth, then Pancake Parlour is your friend. Get a stack of pancakes with lots of fruit, and you could even call it a detox breakfast if you wished. For a more savoury option, try the Country Breakfast pancakes, which are served with bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, and oodles of maple syrup and butter. You might not be skipping around straight after, but it'll sure solve some cravings.

3. Platform One

If you hit it too hard the night before, you're probably looking for something to bring you back to life. While all the stodgy goodness in the world is probably what you're craving right now, for the health conscious, Platform One serves brunch which will leave you feeling like slipping on your runners and heading out for a jog. Try their superfood salad with eggs any way on the side, and wash it all down with a Green Goddess smoothie for something nourishing and healthy.

4. Mr Burch

Mr Burch has a reputation for great food, and with so many breakfast choices, we would probably find it difficult to have just one dish. Start with the French Toast, and move on to Dukkah Dusted Eggs (poached eggs and smashed avo on toast) for some true breakfast indulgence. Wash it all down with a freshly squeezed OJ for a bit of a vitamin C hit.

5. The Ormond Provedor Cafe

The Ormond Provedor Cafe serves both All Day Breakfast and All Day Lunch. The Slow Cooked Pork Benedict is a mouthwatering option on any day of the week, whether you've been on a big night out or not, and the Dill Pancakes are a grown-up twist on your favourite breakfast food which is sure to make you feel like you have your life together again. For something rich and spicy, try the Shak Shuka - Israeli baked eggs served in a tomato sauce and spiced with paprika and capsicum.

For more delicious brunch inspiration for when it's a struggle to leave the house, head over to Deliveroo - we've got you covered.

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