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4 Perfect Birthday Cakes to Celebrate in True Style

Don’t Settle For Supermarket! These Real Birthday Cakes Are Fresh Out Of The Oven And Brought Right To Your Door!

A busy life, a mad week at work and suddenly you realise you've neglected your special day. The prep is all done in a mad rush… but is it even worth having a birthday cake if it's out the supermarket? On the anniversary of you, there's no need to plan light years ahead to get a spongy, butter-creamy, candle-holding centrepiece on the table. As the once famous American Chef Julia Child rightfully put it, "A party without a cake is just a meeting". We couldn't agree more. Cheesecake is average and you can definitely forget the ready mix – here are four of the best scrumptious birthday cake ideas from Melbourne restaurants to make a memorable occasion out of any birthday party. There's no doubt about it: these will delight your friends, wow the kids and leave you a year more satisfied.

1. Lady Coco

Are you feeling ladylike? This cake is a top pick, as classy as Ms Chanel herself. Straight out of the T by Luxbite oven, a pandan sponge cake is adorned with palm sugar caramel, soaked desiccated coconut, kaya coconut jam, coconut blossom sugar, chantilly and coconut meringue. Classy was an understatement. The standard size is a four- to six-person serving but for special dos like your birthday they offer room for requests and customisation.

2. White Choc Cheesecake

This special birthday cake is a decadent white chocolate cheesecake. Vapiano have taken the salted-caramel craze and run with it – what better way to celebrate? This rich cheesecake sits beneath a thick topping in which the balance between salt, caramel and chunks of honeycomb is spot on. This form of food construction is a slow tease for both your senses and taste buds and you'll soon be digging into its hidden layers with a vigour that becomes your years. What's not to like about this cake adventure?

3. Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting

Mill and Bakery is the haven of celebration cakes and their naturally velvet masterpiece is the best companion for your party. A deliciously moist sponge supports a luxurious cream cheese frosting. If you want to lick the plate afterwards, we don't blame you. This sweet incarnation will have your party guests squealing in delight, but no worries – with just 24 hours notice, Mill and Bakery can do you two. So when it's time for the candles, well – there'll be space no matter how many you need!

4. Devil's Dark Chocolate

Are you immensely in love with anything cocoa? Well then, Little Cupcakes is your birthday heaven. The Devil's Dark Chocolate is a rich, bittersweet Lindt chocolate mud cake with Lindt chocolate frosting. Since it's your special day, you're totally allowed that yummy chocolate fix you've been craving. No sweet tooth will be able to resist and, take it from us, it's worth every spoon, fork or handful – it's your birthday, after all.

When it's time to blow out the candles they should be atop a birthday cake masterpiece, so trust Deliveroo to see you through.

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