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  2. From Banana Crepes To Potato Stacks – The Best Gold Coast Brekkies
The Best Gold Coast Brekkies From Crepes to Potato Stacks

From Banana Crepes To Potato Stacks – The Best Gold Coast Brekkies

Breakfast is such a great meal because it's the one that gives you the most freedom in terms of what you have. Sweet or savoury, hot or cold, nothing seems "wrong" when it comes to breakfast.

The choice of different indulgent breakfasts that you can order to be delivered these days is almost endless and the eateries, restaurants, and cafes along the Gold Coast all have something different to offer.

We've rounded up some of the best brekkies available – mixing up the sweet with the savoury, the healthy and the not so healthy, to make sure we cover all tastes. See which one you'd like to wake up to!

1. Buttergrilled Banana Crepe

The best thing about having pancakes for breakfast - alongside the fact that you feel like you're eating dessert - is the myriad of different ways they can be topped. Our pick for spoiling yourself at breakfast time is the Buttergrilled Banana Crepe from Pancakes in Paradise. The crepe is filled with banana chunks that have been tossed in hot butter and served with ice-cream, whipped cream, and house-made butterscotch sauce. You'll find it on The Ultimate Indulgence section of the menu.

2. The Big Breakfast

Sometimes, you just can't beat a classic fry-up for breakfast. At Chickery Chick, the Big Breakfast gives you two eggs, cooked your way, along with two bacon rashers, two sausages, a hash brown and toast. Alongside - and included in the price - is a choice of Goulburn Valley juice or a Barista Bros flavoured milk. Whether you're at home or at the office, this big brekkie will keep certainly keep you full 'til lunch.

3. Eggs Benedict,

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For the ultimate in extravagant breakfasting, then Eggs Benedict is the way to go. This is a dish that's eaten all around the world and variations on the classic poached eggs with hollandaise are infinite. At the Sage Cafe, you'll get two poached eggs perched on top of a toasted English muffin, along with wilted spinach and a smooth and creamy hollandaise sauce.

4. Potato Stack

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Instead of a stack of pancakes, how about going for a savoury option and having a Potato Stack from Raw Espresso instead? Here you'll be served house-prepped potato hashes, with spinach, mushrooms, and chorizo. On the top, there's a poached egg smothered in hollandaise sauce.

5. Acai Bowl

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For a breakfast that's packed full of antioxidant punch, choose an Acai Bowl from Raw Energy. In the bowl, there's a mix of acai berries, a variety of fresh fruits which is paired with muesli. Seasonal fresh fruit is scattered on top along with chia seeds. This will certainly get you well on your way to completing your five a day, and it's only the first meal of the day!

6. Buckwheat Hotcakes

Do you crave eating pancakes but are held back from ordering because you're gluten-free? Order some Buckwheat Hotcakes from Knox Dining in Surfers Paradise! These are vegetarian and gluten-free and are served with azuki cream, seasonal fruits, roasted almond and coconut treacle. To bring the whole dish together, there's a dusting of sweet matcha over the top also for that superfood fix.

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