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The Best Beers and Japanese Noodles In Melbourne

Noodles and beer – it’s like a marriage made in Tokyo!

Some things just go together naturally, fish and chips, steaks and barbecues and - back in the day - Kylie and Jason. But enough of the nostalgia. Another real favourite these days is the classic combo of Japanese noodles and a cool, refreshing beer to wash them down with. Some are even brewed to complement the flavours of the food they're served with – but we'll leave the connoisseur-style tasting to you and just let you know about a few of the best noodle and beer pairings we've tried and tested as well as the restaurants in Melbourne that will be happy to add drinks to your order.

We've done this because although there are plenty of Japanese restaurants in town, not that many of them sell alcohol too. But finding them is going to be as easy as following the list below, thanks to Deliveroo.

1. Super Tasty Curry Udon Noodle Soup + Yebisu Beer

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If noodles and beer go together well, then noodles and curry and beer is an even more perfect partnership, which is good news for anyone wanting to sample Salon de Sushi's super tasty curry soup. It's a mix of shiitake mushroom and kombu broth enriched with udon noodle and the curry of the day, served with tofu and veggies too. The light and refreshing Yebisu is a lager-style beer from the Sapporo Brewing Co.with a malty and lemony flavour which will enhance the flavour of your noodles.

2. Soba Noodle Salad + Asahi Soukai lager

If you fancy a salad instead of a bowl of hot noodles as well as a dish that goes brilliantly with beer, then look no further than Ichi Ni Nana Izakaya's clean and fresh-tasting Soba Noodle Salad. The buckwheat noodles are dressed in sesame oil and served on top of a green salad with crunchy puffed rice. The Asahi Soukai lager is made by the brewery of the same name and the fact that "soukai" means "refreshing" in Japanese tells you all you need to know about it.

3. Angel's Share Ramen and BrewDog Punk IPA

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If you're a beer drinker who also loves whisky then you'll be in heaven with this one from Shizuku. The phrase "angel's share" refers to the whisky that's lost to evaporation as it matures in the barrel and this ramen dish includes the spirit as well as sake, shoga slices, wolfberry, cilantro and cha shu. It's only fitting that the beer to go with it comes from a Scottish brewery that started the craft brewing revolution in the UK with this pale ale with tropical, fruity notes.

4. Wood Roasted Pork Belly Soba Noodle and Shiki Pale

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If you were wondering how a BBQ restaurant was going to do justice to noodles, here's your answer from the pitmasters at Kong. They barbecue the pork belly low and slow till it melts in the mouth and then combine it with soba noodles, chilli, nashi and apple soy. To go with it, try Shiki Pale, an American-style brew that's perfect with Asian fusion food.

We're sure that by now you agree that it's time to get the beers and noodles in. Get Deliveroo on the case!

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