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  2. If you’re looking for the best Japanese noodles in Brisbane, there’s oodles of choice
Brisbane’s best Japanese noodle dishes

If you’re looking for the best Japanese noodles in Brisbane, there’s oodles of choice

There's so much to enjoy in Japanese food it's hard to know exactly where to start. For example sushi's a great and healthy choice that you can enjoy at any time of day – for a quick lunch or as part of your evening meal. Then there's the excitement of the teppanyaki restaurant where tasty treats are produced in front of your very eyes.

But then it's also great to go back to basics too with simple Japanese noodle dishes which are quick and easy to eat, packed with flavour and come in many different forms from stir-fries to soups.

In fact, there's so much choice that you could probably do with a little help in picking out some of the best options in Brisbane from the many Japanese restaurants in the city. So we've done some of the searching for you and here are five of our top picks.

So now all you need to do is get out the chopsticks and prepare for a noodle feast.

1. Udon

Sometimes simple really is best and that's exactly the philosophy they hold at Miki Sushi. So don't expect anything fancy from their udon. They're just perfect, freshly cooked noodles with your choice of prawns, chicken, vegetables or salmon. Just add a splash of soy sauce and you're good to go.

2. Mentaiko and Salmon Spaghetti

They say that pasta originated in the East and here's it's brought home again by Nikuya Japanese Restaurant. The spaghetti is noodles in all but name and to this they add a beautifully rich cod roe sauce, chunks of fresh salmon and top it all off with fried seaweed. You can practically hear the sea in it!

3. Singapore Rice Noodles

Most noodles are a no-no for people who are gluten intolerant but this dish from the esteemed Yum Yum Gyoza is an excellent exception a they're made from rice instead of the traditional wheat flour. They also have eggs and crunchy bean sprouts and the kitchen also add what they call a "hint" of curry spice to really bring the flavours to life.

4. Grilled Waygu Udon Soup

At Ginga they incorporate their noodles into a delicious soup that that makes a perfectly balanced main course. The noodles provide the carbs while the protein comes from the pieces of highly prized Wagyu beef and it's all served in a delicately spiced, and quite delicious, miso-style broth.

5. Singapore Noodles

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The noodle specialists at Noodle Box certainly have packed a great deal into their fusion-inspired Singapore noodles. For example, as well as the extra fine rice noodles there's char siu roast pork, shrimp, eggs, and vegetables all served in a mild curry sauce cooked to their own special recipe. It's certainly a winning combination.

Make sure that Japanese noodles are on your menu today - and Deliveroo will be your waiters.

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