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  2. Looking for great ways to kick off a Japanese meal in Sydney’s CBD? Here are five for starters.
Superb Japanese Starters in Sydney’s CBD

Looking for great ways to kick off a Japanese meal in Sydney’s CBD? Here are five for starters.

When you're dining Japanese-style, it can be tempting to dive straight into the main course, whether it's noodles, a katsu curry or even a teppanyaki dish, but that's to overlook one of the key delights of the cuisine - the starter. What's really great about Japanese starters is the sheer range available from almost all of the restaurants that you'll find on Deliveroo in Sydney and especially ones that are in and around the CBD.

So from soup to sashimi, and even a couple of dishes that you may never have heard of before, we're pleased to bring you our selection of some of the city's finest Japanese appetisers that are sure to get any meal off to a fantastic start.

Even if you can't find any of your personal favourites here, look on it as a chance to do some gastronomic exploration of the cuisine and the culture - and we promise that you'll be in for some real treats.

1. Prawn Gyoza - Goshu Ramen Tei

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First stop on our tour of the city's top appetisers is Goshu Ramen Tei and what better dish to start with than the prawn gyoza? These tasty little dumplings are filled with minced prawn and are pan-fried to perfection to create the perfect finger food that's also great to share. If you're a real seafood lover, their deep-fried soft shell crab is another winner.

2. Kanifumi Chawanmushi - Genki Sushi

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Over at Genki Sushi there's an item on the menu that you may never have heard of but, once you taste it you'll certainly wish you'd discovered it sooner. Kanifumi Chawanmushi is Chinese in origin but has been adopted by the Japanese as one of their national dishes. It's a savoury egg custard that contains seafood like scallops and prawns and comes garnished with carrot slices too.

3. Beef Dumpling Soup - Mamasan

Mamasan is one of Sydney's favourite restaurants and once you've experienced their gorgeous Beef Dumpling Soup, it will be easy to see why. The light beef broth is served with tender dumplings and rice noodles and the result is a richly flavoured and very satisfying way to start your meal.

4. Chuka Chinmi - Sushi Tei

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In Japanese, the word "chinmi" means "rare taste" or "delicacy" and that's certainly what you'll experience with this dish. Sushi Tei's take on the dish consists of fresh scallops that have been carefully pickled in rice wine vinegar and shredded to serve. The subtle pickling brings out the true flavours of the scallops in a very refreshing and palate-cleansing way.

5. Snapper Sashimi - Zushi

We couldn't have a round-up of the city's best Japanese starters without including at least one sashimi option, especially when it's as delicious as this offering from Zushi. Using New Zealand snapper, they marinate it in bonito vinegar and serve it with celeriac, cucumber and coriander to make a very refreshing and clean-flavoured dish.

Get your next Japanese meal off to a flying start with these appetisers, all available to order now on Deliveroo.

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