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The Best Korean BBQ in Sydney

Korean BBQ in Sydney: where to find the best

Even when competing against some of the world's most innovative and tantalising cuisines, Korea's national dishes are a heavyweight contender in Asia's vibrant culinary scene. While refreshingly ice-cold kimchi soups and peanut-crusted tteok-bokki can delight newcomers and veterans alike, it's the Korean BBQ heavy hitters that Sydney's inhabitants are seeking out in droves. They're just eager for their fix of multi-sensory pleasures given to them by cuts of tender meat grilled to taste and accompanied with mouth-watering arrays of banchan, marinades and sauces.

Thanks to the impressive arsenal of spicy, salty flavours and the wide combination of textures and temperatures at your fingertips, Korea's style of barbecue brings you meaty customisation on a whole different scale. To discover the very best of Korea's BBQ delights in Sydney, look no further than what we've gathered here in our handy list:


Arisun isn't just your average Korean BBQ experience; their menu is influenced by subtle Chinese and Japanese flavours, though they always keep the focus on Seoul street food. Their amazing flavour combinations cannot be denied and the chefs serve it up direct to your table, leaving you with nothing to do but to take the edge off as you wait with some K-Pop and a pitcher of crisp Korean draft beer.

From spicy grilled pork belly and marinated soy beef, to pork knuckle and LA-style beef short ribs, Arisun will hit your BBQ craving with a vengeance. A classic partner-in-crime, who could say no to a basket of Korean fried chicken along with traditional dipping sauces? Go boneless, soy fried, spicy garlic, or even Tabasco Buffalo Fried Chicken, it's all there waiting to be cooked to crisp perfection and served up alongside your bountiful barbecue main event.

Open Korea

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A truly authentic Korean BBQ experience right in the heart of Sydney, Open Korea mixes a rustic aesthetic with a menu that is chock-full of classics that burst with the freshness and excitement of the new. For a tantalising seafood BBQ approach, the Fresh Green King Prawns are a delight. Or maybe get yourself a delightful chilli-burn with the Marinated Chilli Squid if you prefer something a little more daring – a healthy swig of ice cold Korean beer will douse your tongue nicely afterwards.

However, for an all-out assault on your appetite, you can't go wrong with the marinated beef, pork belly and mouth-watering grilled mushrooms!


The accompaniments are as much a part of a classic Korean BBQ experience as the meat going on to the grill, and Soban won't disappoint with its crisply-crunchy grilled vegetables, onions, potato wedges and chilli-seasoned radish, all of which will only add that extra bite to the main event. Speaking of which, you simply cannot ignore Soban's famous grilled pork ribs slathered in their rich marinade, or the Spicy Galbijjim (braised beef), or the Ganjang Gaejang (soy sauce marinated raw crab) for that matter. With so many delicious options to choose from, there's bound to be something that'll satisfy your BBQ cravings!

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