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  2. Sriracha, chipotle and sweet chilli - Make your lunch ideas even better with hot sauce
Be blown away - spice up your lunch ideas with hot sauce

Sriracha, chipotle and sweet chilli - Make your lunch ideas even better with hot sauce

Throughout Australia, we just seem to love hot, spicy meals. Whether you're getting red hot Mexican in Melbourne or fiery Chinese in Sydney, we can't get enough of that tingling taste bud sensation. Of course, we don't always have time to sit down and have our faces blown off. No, sometimes we want a little bit of heat at lunchtime and we all know nothing makes a better lunch idea than a little bit of hot sauce.

1. Grilled Chicken Banh Mi ft. Sriracha Sauce

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Sriracha is a Thai classic, but plenty of Vietnamese and Asian eateries are stocking up on this nippy little sauce. Take Mopho Canteen in Melbourne: they specialise in improving on your typical Vietnamese cuisine, often by adding extras such as hot sauce to traditional recipes. A particular favourite there is the Grilled Chicken Banh Mi, a traditional Vietnamese roll packed with chicken, coriander, pickles, spring onion and Sriracha mayo. It often sells out due to large demand, so next time you fancy Vietnamese, make sure you're quick to order - those babies go fast!

2. Pulled Pork Quesadilla ft. Chipotle Salsa

Despite originating on the other side of the planet, Mexican food has always been popular in Sydney. One Mexican restaurant popular not only in Sydney but all over Australia is Salsa's Fresh Mex, home of the OG irresistible Mexicrinkles. There are plenty of hot sauces available at this Mexican chain, but the favourite seems to be chipotle, which appears in the form of salsa, mayo and as a marinade. We recommend the pulled pork quesadilla with chipotle salsa, served with black beans, ranch dressing and cheese. It's tasty, filling and won't blow your brain out if you're not used to hot sauces.

3. Star Wrap No.4 Chicken and Pineapple Wrap ft. Sweet Chilli Mayo

We think we've figured out why Geelong is most well-known for being home to a massive water park – because everyone needs to cool down after all the hot sauces! Burger Plus alone offers plenty of hot sauce options to accompany their burgers, wraps, Mexican cuisine and entrees. A particular favourite is sweet chilli mayo, which appears in their Star Wrap No.4. Chicken and Pineapple alongside avocado and cheese may seem like a bit of a strange collection of ingredients, but the sweet chilli mayo really does tie all those distinct and tasty flavours together. Plus it gives you a good excuse to go to the water park.

4. Karate Chicken Burrito ft. Jalapeno Slaw

Finally, we have a restaurant that combines Australian life and hot sauce together to create one big, beautiful experience. Beach Burrito Company has had great success mixing Australian beachside culture with a Cali-Mex menu made up of healthy dishes. You'll also find the Karate Chicken Burrito on the menu, a delicious collection of fried chicken, Mexican rice, black beans, cheese, corn salsa and, most importantly, jalapeno slaw inside a fluffy tortilla. This dish is the absolute epitome of California-style Mexican and believe us you won't be able to get enough of their hot jalapeno slaw.

For even more hot sauces that will blow you away, check out what Deliveroo has to offer near you.

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