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  2. There’s More To A Great Mediterranean Lunch Than Just ​The Good Old Greek Salad
4 AMazing Alternatives In Sydney to Greek Salad

There’s More To A Great Mediterranean Lunch Than Just ​The Good Old Greek Salad

Fancy giving yourself a sunny treat at lunchtime? Then it's time to broaden your horizons beyond the classic Greek salad. After all, it's not as if Sydney's short of Greek takeaways whose menus are bursting with fresh ideas. From bakes to grills, and even other kinds of Mediterranean salads, you'll be amazed at where your lunchtimes can take you. And when you do sit down to enjoy the dishes you'll suddenly be transported thousand of miles away to that perfect little Greek eaterie by the sea. So take a look at our selection. But if you want to add plate smashing to get that real Greek vibe you'll just have to make your own arrangements!

1. Rocket and Halloumi Salad - Quay and Co.

Cheese is great way for veggies to add some protein into their diets. Just look at how some of the most interesting vegetarian curries use paneer. Well, the Greek have their own solution and you can find the perfect demonstration of this in the Rocket and Halloumi Salad down at Quay and Co. It's a flavoursome blend of peppery leaves with salty cheese that combine like a marriage made in heaven. Add cherry tomatoes, pomegranate and glazed balsamic dressing into the mix and you're talking a salad that certainly does deliver.

2. Mixed Grill - Plateia Greek Street Food

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For those days when you want to make lunch the big meal of the day there's one place you need to head for – Plateia Greek Street Food. Their charcoal barbie's always up, running and producing tasty treats like their classic Mixed Grill. Definitely not one for the veggies, it gives you a choice of two gyros, a pair of souvlaki skewers and even a befteki. This is a special Greek rissole that they make themselves to their own special recipe. Plus there's chips, tzatziki, Greek salad and plenty of pita bread too. You won't be needing any dinner!

3. Spanakopita - The Civic Hotel

If you're looking for a lighter kind of lunch then may we recommend the Spanakopita instead. It's perfect if you just want something quick and tasty you can eat at your desk. It's a speciality of The Civic Hotel and features a savoury blend of feta and ricotta cheeses with fresh, chopped spinach. The filling's then wrapped in flaky puff pastry and baked to crispy perfection. Finally, it's served with a spicy and smoky tomato and chipotle relish that works perfectly to add just a bit of fire to the dish.

4. Grilled Fish Plate - Sababba

Get your lunch from Sababba and you'll find that there sure is a lot on your plate, especially if it's their famous Grilled Fish Plate. There's a big barramundi fillet that's been expertly grilled as well as a village salad, couscous tabouli, three different dips including hummus and babaganoush as well as salsa and whole pita to dip in them. If you're not a big fan of fish, then treat yourself to the beef, chicken, lamb or halloumi plate instead!

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