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  2. Spice up your life with Sydney’s best massaman curries
Spice Up Your Life with Sydney’s Best Massaman Curries

Spice up your life with Sydney’s best massaman curries

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If you want a little spice in your life but fancy a break from Sydney's best Indian restaurants, why not turn your attention to Thailand? OK, so we're not suggesting you fly over the Thailand for a feast (although you could) because our delivery network has a plethora of options tingle your taste buds. Stretching from Alexandria to Zetland, our top Thai restaurants will ensure the best massaman curry dishes in Sydney are delivered straight to your door.

Now, before we dive into a steaming hot bowl of perfectly spiced massaman curry, it's worth touching on where it sits in the spectrum of Thai food. When you scroll through our top Thai picks, curries feature heavily on the menu. Classics such as panang curry are always high on the list thanks to their thick, creamy texture. For the mainstream audiences, Thai green curries provide a thinner, slightly sweeter venture into the world of spice. In among that mix, massaman curries are typically packed with ingredients and based on Indian cooking techniques. The end result is a rich yet light sauce that acts a perfect complement to beef, prawn or chicken.

By now, you're probably salivating like we are. So, just to up the ante a little more, here's four of our favourite massaman curry picks in Sydney.

1. Steak Massaman - RicePot Thai Bondi

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One of our top-rated Thai eateries in Bondi, RicePot is known for its diverse range of options. One of our favourite little inventions is the curry puffs which are filled with minced chicken, curry, turmeric and carrots before being wrapped in pastry. Once you've woken up the palate with these bite-sized morsels, the massaman steak curry tastes fantastic. Featuring slow, thick-cut chuck steak, coconut milk and a sprinkling of spices and nuts, this is as flavourful as it is filling.

2. Veal Massaman Curry - Muum Maam - Surry Hills

For something a little more innovative, Muum Maam has taken the classic massaman base and added veal to the mix. Sure, this could be seen as something of a rogue move in certain circles, but it really does work. By taking the Italian braising technique of osso bucco, this dish is given a rich thickness that's part stew, part curry. Add into the mix the sweetness of coconut milk and you've got a fusion of flavours that's fantastic.

3. Beef Massaman - Thai Chanok – Newtown

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Traditional is often the best and Thai Chanok in Newton does the simple things well. Even though this restaurant's beef massaman might lack some of the flashy extras that you'll find elsewhere in Sydney, it does the basics right. That means you'll get a rich, full-bodied curry with tender beef for an affordable $15.90.

4. Massaman Curry & Noodles - Thainabox

Our final moreish meal on our massaman-curry-inspired journey across Sydney comes from Thainbox. Fresh from a kitchen that allows you to design your own meals and combinations, this curry is made using traditional ingredients. That means you'll get strips of beef submerged in a sauce that blends spices, coconut milk, potatoes, onions and roasted nuts. Add to that a batch of fresh noodles and you've got a dish that any Thai food fanatic would love.

Wherever you are in Sydney, you're never more than a click away from authentic Thai flavours. Browse the options on Deliveroo to find a fantastic selection of massaman curries and more.

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