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  2. Top spots for lamb-lovers in Sydney - Where to get the best Middle Eastern lamb
4 top spots for Middle Eastern lamb in Sydney

Top spots for lamb-lovers in Sydney - Where to get the best Middle Eastern lamb

It's a controversial subject so prepare yourselves… but there are some who say that lamb is king in the meat world. Beef may elbow for supremacy when it comes to the barbecue and chicken can provide a great protein-hit when you need it the most, but there's no doubting the fact that lamb comes packed full of flavour, indulging your taste buds and leaving you wanting more.

You may have your own opinions when it comes to which meat is top dog, but there's one part of the world where lamb is seriously respected. Middle Eastern lamb is often the star of the show thanks to a dazzling array of special spices and complex cooking techniques. You probably don't have the spare hours in your life to prepare a dish where spices are infused for long stretches of time – so let us hook you up with the best lamb dishes from the four of the very best Middle Eastern eateries in Sydney for you lamb-lovers out there.

1. Moroccan Feast's Lamb Tagine

With two lamb tagine options on offer, the hardest part of your decision to order from here will be picking between the two dishes. Moroccan Feast follow a North African method of slow cooking that helps ensure this dish is as tender as possible. The lamb is beautifully cooked and the flavours combine overtones of sweet, spicy and meaty goodness, allowing the meat to truly shine through.

2. Lady Fingers from Nadas Lebanese

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If you're a fan of spring rolls, beef wellington or anything wrapped in pastry, then Nadas Lebanese boast the ultimate indulgence option. They mix lamb together with pine nuts and onions before wrapping the aromatic concoction in delicate and delicious filo pastry. You may be forgiven for placing a repeat order of these when your friends all decide they want a piece of your order.

3. El-Phoenician's Lamb Tartare

Though some people might think that the only way to cook lamb is to slow cook it, it's not the only way to treat this precious meat. At El-Phoenician, lamb is served in its purest, most delicate form in their Kibbi Nayeh dish (which translates as lamb tartare). With nowhere to hide, this bold dish is there to be enjoyed by those who truly want the lamb to do the talking.

4. Lamb Shawarma at Kazbah, Darling Harbour

If the good folk at Kazbah Darling Harbour know one thing it's how to churn out the foodie crowd-pleasers. Their good old-fashioned Lamb Shawarma dish comes with a delicious twist of turnip kabis (pickled turnip to the unfamiliar) that helps to inject a different texture to the deliciously spiced lamb feast. If you want a reliable, tasty introduction to the delights of Middle Eastern food, this is your safest bet.

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