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The Best of the Best! Where to Find Australia’s Perfect Veggie Curry

What makes a good veggie curry? (plus, where to find Australia’s very best!)

If you're an avid lover of spicy foods, exotic tastes, and new and exciting - yet meatless - dishes, then you're probably already a fan of Indian food! Tandoori tastes and mouth-watering sauces will always leave your senses tingling and your stomach full, so don't skip out on the best curry around!

There are a few things to consider when deciding on the best veggie curry: the sauce, the side, the protein, and of course, the veggies!

The Sauce

Blends of aromatic spices, splashes of coconut milk and yogurt, fresh butter, and a dash of heart and soul differentiate your average curry sauce from a real Indian-infused experience. The sauce is potentially the most important part of a veggie curry - it delicately coats each vegetable and lets them transcend from being boring old plants into spiced, zesty bits of nirvana! Whether you're a fan of red-hot spicy curries or like to stay on the mild side, there is always a curry sauce available to suit your taste.

The Side

There is nothing better in the culinary world than mopping up all that tasty curry sauce with a heavenly slice of buttered naan. The side dish you choose to accompany your curried dish is absolutely crucial! From breads like naan, paratha, or tandoori roti to Southeast Asian appetisers such as veggie samosas or onion pakora, you might feel like there is something missing without one of these favourites to dip in your sauce. Most restaurants offer a plethora of side-dish options, so get picking!

The Protein

Who says a veggie curry can't have a bit of protein to amp it all up? If you're a vegetarian, you probably already know this: paneer is the way to go! This soft, fluffy cheese is exactly what any veggie dish needs when going green is simply not enough. Fried, boiled, grilled, you name it, this extra addition is one you you won't regret.

The Veggies

When it comes to what vegetable to include in your veggie curry, the options are endless! The best way to prepare your curry is by choosing the freshest, organic, and if possible, locally-sourced vegetables as that is the only way to make a truly authentic dish. Spinach, broccoli, carrots, potatoes- the options are endless, and most importantly, healthy. Organic veggies will give you the utmost flavour, and plenty of restaurants sell local offerings fresh from the farm! Do your community- and your taste buds- a favour and enjoy your veggie dish from Sydney's best spots!

Now that you know what makes a top-notch veggie curry, it's time to find one near you! Deliciously prepared and passionately cooked, exotically-flavoured curries are everywhere in Sydney, but how do you find the best one? Let us take the reins! We gathered the Big Smoke's most prized curry offerings for your convenience:

1. The Spice Room


Set up in a stunning mansion, the Spice Room has truly set its standards high! You can taste the quality even through their quick deliveries with exciting aromas and mouth-watering dishes full of the finest of ingredients. The Spice Room makes every order a truly royal feast! With a fine selection of street foods, platters filled with tasty treats to be shared, and an absolutely divine curry cooked to order, you'll definitely be on cloud nine after trying out this spot! Their extensive menu guarantees you'll find more than what you're looking for, including their in-depth vegetarian menu. Chickpea and potatoes with a coriander and ginger finish cooked in an authentic North Indian style makes their veggie curry one you can't miss!

2. Masala Bowl


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Tucked away in the heart of Sydney is yet another gem- the Masala Bowl. With a warm and welcoming vibe, they bring the ideal variety of dishes right to your living room. Each part of their menu is split into veggie or non-veggie sections, so you're guaranteed an equally riveting experience! Ranging from drool-worthy stir-cooked okra to their trademark Aloo Jeera, every item on their menu is chock-full of spices and invigorating herbs. Prepare yourself for an after-dinner treat and head over to the dessert menu to pick one of the many flavourful sweets available!

3. Bombay Street Kitchen

With so many choices between where to eat and what to eat, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and indecisive. That all stops at the Bombay Street Kitchen, which is in itself a tribute to all types of Indian food.

Cooked and served from their heart of hearts by locally sourcing all their ingredients to ensure the healthiest, authentic and most scrumptious dishes, the Bombay Street Kitchen does not hold back. Get your hands messy and your stomachs full with their saucy street foods and small snacks to start your meal, then dive into their refreshing summer chickpea salads! The veggie dish of choice at this spot is surely the Palak Paneer, a veggie curry dish consisting of homemade cheeses, spices and garlic.

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