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  2. Grub's up - the best pad thai on the Gold Coast
Grub's Up - The Best Pad Thai on the Gold Coast

Grub's up - the best pad thai on the Gold Coast

Pad Thai was originally served as street food in its native Thailand. Whilst many think the name "Pad Thai" refers to its origin, it actually refers to the way in which the food is fried, and can actually contain any combination of ingredients, the most popular being a mixture of noodles and vegetables topped with protein. When going for Thai food, there's nothing more comforting than a delicious Pad Thai. We're lucky on the Gold Coast that we have lots of Thai restaurants to choose from. Some are more traditional, and others are more experimental. The best thing about Pad Thai is that it is really filling yet good for you. You can choose your vegetables and your protein. Even the choice of noodles is up to you. Check out our favourite places to get Pad Thai on the Gold Coast.

1. Thai on The Hill - Robina

Thai on the Hill is a Gold Coast institution and in 2017 won the award for best Thai restaurant in the region. With ten different types of Pad Thai to choose from, Thai on the Hill has something for everyone. Their most popular Pad Thai is made with sweet basil and hot chilli, and their signature Three Flavours on the Hill is made with a choice of meat, stir-fried vegetables and red snapper, a perfect lunch for those on a low carb eating plan. If you fancy something a little different, try the Pad Thai Prawns Egg Net; fried noodles and prawns with stir-fried vegetables, served in an egg net.

2. Chong Co - Broadbeach Waters

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Chong Co is situated in Broadbeach Waters and is home to some great Thai food, which is perfect after a long day catching the surf. Their menu caters for a broad range of eating requirements, and their house Pad Thai is gluten-free and vegetarian. Made with thin rice noodles, egg, tofu, spring onion, bean sprout, fried onion and crushed peanut, it's a go-to dish for when you're feeling really hungry and fancy lots of flavour. They also serve a fiery Panang Curry, which makes a great alternative for when you fancy something with a bit more of a kick.  

3. Backyard Thai Cuisine - Broadbeach

Backyard Thai delivers authentic Thai food and their menu is full of Thai classics. Their Pad Thai is no exception. Expect no surprises here, only wholesome, authentic Thai cuisine. They use stir-fried rice noodles, egg, shallot and beansprout. The mixture is then topped with an authentic Thai tamarind sauce and crushed nuts. For simple, fuss-free Thai food, look no further than Backyard.

4. Cocohut Taste Of Thailand - Surfers Paradise

You've had a long day on the beach and you just want something which feels nourishing and filling - try Cocohut for an authentic Thai experience which will leave you feeling replenished. Their Pad Thai is made with a unique secret sauce of tamarind paste, sugar and lime juice which is fried with red onion, beansprout, shrimp, and tofu before being topped with your choice of protein and sprinkled with ground peanut. If that doesn't sound like it'll soothe aching surfer muscles, then it'll be hard to find something that will!

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