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What’s Your Passion? The Best Passion Fruit Dishes in Aus

Add some passion (fruit) to your favourite dessert dishes

The passion fruit may look a little humble and almost unattractive. Yet its dark wrinkly skin hides what lies beneath - a delicious tangy mix of flesh, juice and seeds, a combination that's bound to make your tongue tingle as you take a bite. From passion fruit cake to passion fruit smoothies, there are many different ways you can savour its unique flavour, but what's the history behind this tangy taste bomb?

What's in a name?

In the 16th century, Spanish Catholic missionaries working in the Brazilian Amazon thought that the purple flower looked like the five wounds of Christ (the Passion), so named the plant "flor passionis" or "flor de las cinco llagos". This religious link may not be what we assume is meant by passion and, indeed, recent research has turned up aphrodisiac qualities in the coincidentally- yet aptly-named passion fruit!

So how should you indulge in a little bit of passion fruit? Of course, it can be enjoyed in its most natural form, a fruit plucked from the plant or picked up at the local supermarket. But it's often used in different dessert dishes across Australia, to give them a little extra zing and zest. Read on and see which takes your fancy!

The best in passion fruit cakes

Passion fruit have a very characteristic smell - once you know it, you'll instantly recognise it forever more. It has a tart taste to it, that is distinctly fruity. On their own they can be a little sharp, so they're often paired with sweeter and creamier ingredients - passion fruit cake, for example, often has a vanilla base. A classic example is the Vanilla Butter Cake with Passion Fruit Buttercream from Mill & Bakery - an outstanding celebration cake that feeds up to 15. This special cake is just one of the many decadently naughty but nice desserts  on offer in this popular Melbourne bakery.

Passion fruit has aphrodisiac qualities and is a natural ally to creamy ingredients, making it the perfect choice of romantic pud to share with a special someone. How about trying out another of our favourite passion fruit cakes – the Passionfruit Cheesecake from Bay 101? The tart nature of the fruit works so well with the creamy texture of the cheesecake that one slice will surely not be quite enough!

Put your passion on ice!

If you're a fan of ice-cream but prefer not to have it excessively sweet, we have the perfect solution for you in the Passion Fruit Ice Cream from Spot On Ripponlea. It's a combination of passion fruit flesh and seeds, fresh cream, eggs and sugar. It's made in the semi-freddo style - not as firm as the ice-cream we're used to, but with a mousse-like, velvety texture. It's the ideal dish to follow a meal, especially when you want to keep the sweet stuff on the light side!

Give smoothies an extra zesty zing

Passion fruit is a great addition to a freshly-squeezed juice or smoothie, as its piquancy contrasts with the sweetness of other fruits. For a healthy kick-start to the day, try a Green-a-colada from Kiss the Berry, where passion fruit is blended with pineapple, banana, spinach, kale and coconut water. Chia seeds are thrown in for good measure!

Passion fruit pops up in plenty of dishes, it's just up to you how to indulge in it. When you've made up your mind, order with Deliveroo!

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