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  2. 5 of the best places to get tapas in Australia
Best places to get tapas in Australia

5 of the best places to get tapas in Australia

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When you feel in the mood for a fiesta, only a tapas feast will do. Those moreish little morsels that make up a classic tapas spread might come in bite-sized servings, but they sure do pack a lot of punch. If you're looking to mix and match the flavours at your next mealtime, choose a traditional or new-take tapas joint and let your palate pick out the plates.

1. Truth Tapas Bar

At Truth Tapas Bar, you're in for the smorgasbord of surprises. Serving up small plates full of big flavour, these guys whip up international cuisine at its finest. Chunky potato wedges with a sweet dip on the side go up against authentic arancini balls in the battle of the best. But for an old favourite, the lamb kofta skewers with a hearty serving of hummus are a real crowd pleaser.

Where: Truth Tapas Bar, Gold Coast

2. United Kitchen Dining and Tapas

When you think traditional tapas, what comes to mind? Spanish style gambas, freshly fried calamari and crispy golden chorizo of course – and that's exactly what United Kitchen Dining and Tapas serve up. With wholesome mains and sweet desserts to follow, you'll be living la vida Espana all evening long.

Where: United Kitchen Dining and Tapas, Melbourne

3. Street Market Asian Tapas

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Or maybe you're in the mood for a mix and match of Asian inspired delights? If so, Street Market Asian Tapas are the guys to hit up. Cold Asian classics like your choice of carpaccio and spicy Szechuan chicken are met with too hot to handle numbers like Chinese crispy spring rolls and sticky lamb ribs. So when you've got guests, create yourself a party platter and pick away all evening long.

Where: Street Market Asian Tapas, Sydney

4. Spanish Tapas

Any cuisine is at its best when rustled up with an air of authenticity. And at Spanish Tapas, it's traditional all the way. But old favourites like hearty patatas bravas in a rich tomato sauce and fluffy Spanish tortilla are just the start. For a piece of paella that puts the best in Spain to shame, the Spanish Tapas team are the ones to talk to.

Where: Spanish Tapas, Sydney

5. Decanter American Tapas

When you want all American but you can't decide on a dish, this is the place for you. Decanter American Tapas have got all your cravings covered. Besides the fiery jalapeño poppers and succulent slow-cooked brisket, you've got some of the sweetest sliders this side of the ocean. Pick your patty and your set of three sliders will feel more than a simple snack.

Where: Decanter American Tapas, Perth

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