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  2. Keen on quinoa patties? Then check out these beauties
When it comes to quinoa patties, these take some beating!

Keen on quinoa patties? Then check out these beauties

Here are four interesting facts about quinoa. One: it was the food of the Incas and is still a staple of the South American diet today. Two: it's so nutritious that the United Nations made 2013 "International Quinoa Year". Three: it's not a grain, it's a seed and it's related to spinach, chard and beets. Four: it makes for a fantastic ingredient in everything from veggie curries to burgers and it's equally ace in wraps too. So we've been out and about doing the rounds of vegetarian takeaways trying to find some of the very finest examples of quinoa patties and wraps for you. Sample any of them and we're sure you'll agree that we've succeeded!

1. Zelda, 8 Bit

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In a restaurant that celebrates the earliest days of video gaming the Zelda certainly gets our high score. It's a true veggie's delight because of the many amazing ingredients that 8 Bit have managed to incorporate. The patty itself is a fantastic blend of chickpeas, corn and quinoa and it also comes with American cheese, beetroot relish, grilled halloumi, avocado, lettuce and their special 8 Bit Sauce. It's as addictive as Space Invaders and as much fun as Pac Man. And, even if you've never so much as picked up a video game controller, you're sure to love it.

2. Sondra, Huxtaburger

What is it with restaurants giving quinoa patties women's names? You'd probably have to ask them down at Huxtaburger if you wanted to find the answer to that. But all we do know is that Sondra is another winner for us. It's positively packed with good things which include a kale, zucchini and quinoa patty, hummus, pickled onion, beetroot, tomato and lettuce. And there's some even better news. If you ask them nicely they'll make you a vegan version of this veggie treat too.

3. Vegan, 5 Boroughs

5 Boroughs bring more than a slice of the Big Apple to Brisbane with their large and authentic burger menu. But while the emphasis is very much on the carnivorous end of the scale they've not forgotten vegans either. Hence the eponymous burger which stars a home-made corn, black bean and quinoa patty with lettuce, tomato, avocado and a spicy tomato salsa. Delicious on its own, it's even better if you also enjoy a side order of their chunky and perfectly crisp Rustic Chips or even an Ale Battered Onion Ring or two.

4. Beetroot and Quinoa Wrap, Zest

It may just be that by the time you've sampled these three mouth-wateringly delicious quinoa patties you could be ready for a change of pace. Well there's a treat waiting in the wings for you thanks to Zest's Beetroot and Quinoa Wrap. The mild flavour and soft texture of the quinoa make it the perfect partner to the rich and earthy flavours of the beetroot. Or, if you want a gluten-free way to enjoy the flavour combo, they even do a salad which also has rocket, parmesan, almonds and chargrilled eggplant among its many ingredients.

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