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Isn’t it Time You Introduced a Super Sandwich into Your Life?

Bring On The Super Sandwich, Saviour Of Boring Lunchtimes!

We all get into a bit of a rut from time to time. Ordering the same sort of things for lunch, going to the same places, even hanging out with the same crowd. Bt life's too short to put up with tedium, so why not break free? Maybe you need head down to one of Sydney's hottest burger joints for a change or go for a sandwich you've never tried before.

After all, it's not as if you're going to be short of choice out there with takeaways aplenty just ready and waiting to surprise and delight you. So it's time to chuck that cheese and tomato, turf out the tuna mayo and find something more interesting instead! Here are our best picks for that new sandwich you're going to fall in love with.

1. Portuguese Chicken - North Sandwiches

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Here's a sandwich that is definitely worth crossing the road for! It features the famous Portuguese piri piri sauce to add more than a little fire to the tender chicken fillet that's been marinated in a blend of special spices by the guys down at North Sandwiches. Roma tomato and crisp mixed lettuce join the party, and there's also a tangy lemon mayo to get your taste buds tingling. If you really want to get the dancing started then opting for their Chicken Salsa sandwich with jalapeno cream should also do the trick!

2. Havana Cuban Sandwich - Havana Beach

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Lunch like they do down at the Buena Vista Social Club with this fine example of Cuban cuisine brought to you courtesy of Havana Beach. A tender and seasoned pork fillet is smothered in the mojo criollo sauce that's a staple of Cuban cuisine - a heady blend of garlic and fresh orange juice. It also comes with tostones – twice-fried plantain slices – as well as rice and beans. It's all served in a long brioche roll to make a lunchtime treat that's sure to see you all the way through till dinner.

3. Sweet Tangy Pork Roll - The Sandwich Bar

Pork's also the star in this lunchtime crowd pleaser from The Sandwich Bar. But this time it's given more of an Asian twist thanks to the addition of a salad of cucumber, shallots, coriander and garlic aioli. The pork has also been steeped in Asian spices before being double braised for at least eight hours. This means it reaches a state of unctuous tenderness before being loaded into a white sesame seed roll. It's smoky, and it's smokin'!

4. The Hambo - Loaf Sandwiches

When they were trying to come up with a more interesting variation on the classic ham and cheese sandwich, they really did use their loaf down at Loaf Sandwiches. That's why they've loaded it not just with prime ham and Mersey valley cheddar, but lots of other great things too. Caramelised carrots, pickles, red cabbage, greens, mayo and mustard create a symphony of flavours – and make it one of their top sellers too.

Why settle for a substandard sandwich when Deliveroo can bring you all of these superstars instead?

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