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Turn Up The Heat With Sydney’s Best Spicy Curries

Turn up the heat with Sydney’s best spicy curries

Anyone who loves their Indian food will no doubt have tested their palate's ability to handle the hot stuff. While it's not to everyone's taste to have a curry that will bring you out in a sweat, that's half the fun for others.

We've researched the best spicy curries that you can find in Sydney and listed them here, so you can decide which one ticks the box for you when it comes to a spicy hot curry that's full of flavour.

1. Gosht

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In Indian cooking, a gosht generally has really tender meat, thanks to the fact that it's cooked slowly and for a long time. Usually, the preferred meat is goat or mutton, but many Indian restaurants will cook the dish with lamb as well.

At Itihaas, the Bhuna Gosht won't let you down if you're looking for a spicy dish. Here, the chunks of lamb are served with a fiery hot gravy that's been reduced as it cooks, so it's thick rather than runny.

2. Vindaloo

Traditionally, the vindaloo has always been held up as one of the hottest and spiciest curries out there, and because of its reputation for being hot, that's how most restaurants will serve it.

Interestingly, though, in traditional Indian cooking, Vindaloo is more like the equivalent to a sweet and sour dish in Chinese cuisine, with the contrast provided by the use of vinegar and chillies in the cooking process.

At Maya Da Dhaba, you can custom-build your Vindaloo, by choosing which meat you'd like to go with it. It's one of our top restaurants to grab a curry from, and with good reason.

3. Jalfrezi

When you have a jalfrezi, the meat is marinated first, then fried in oil and spices. The result is chunks of meat in a sauce that is quite dry and thick. With the use of green chillies, the spice level can vary, but generally a jalfrezi is quite hot. Often people will choose to eat yoghurt or cream-based dishes with a jalfrezi to temper the heat.

The Chicken Jalfrezi at the Tandoori Palace is cooked with onions, garlic and herbs, in a sauce that's both full of flavour and spicy heat.

4. Madras

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The Madras is another curry that has always had a reputation for being hot, and the fact that it's got a red colour adds to that. The red comes from the use of red chilli powder in its preparation. The heat of a madras is usually mellowed with the addition of yoghurt to the sauce. The spices commonly used in madras curries include garam masala, coriander, black pepper, cumin and cinnamon.

At Fanoos Restaurant, we suggest trying the Beef Madras. The diced beef is cooked with fresh curry leaves and in coconut cream, resulting in a deliciously spicy but creamy dish.

Next time you plan on ordering a spicy dish with Deliveroo, don't forget to order a cooling dessert to follow!

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