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  2. Sushi under the sun -  5 spectacular Gold Coast sushi dishes
Sushi Under the Sun - 5 Gold Coast Spectacular Sushi Dishes

Sushi under the sun -  5 spectacular Gold Coast sushi dishes

The Gold Coast's name may have originally been chosen due to the increased selling of property and goods after the war, but it has now become synonymous with glorious sunshine, beaches, and food. It's no surprise then, that being on the coast, the city's culinary focus is seafood.

There is one delicacy in particular that is proving a top choice for sushi fans on the Gold Coast, and that is famous around the world for its freshness. The ideal dish for enjoying in the sunshine, hailing from Japanese cuisine, is of course sushi. Without further ado, let's count down some of the best sushi dishes on the Gold Coast.

1. Grilled Salmon and Mayo Nigiri

Nigiri is one of the much-loved types of sushi. The problem is it can be confused with sashimi. The difference is that Nigiri is sliced raw fish served with vinegar rice, whereas sashimi is fish or seafood without rice. Crazy Fish Sushi knows the true ingredients of good Nigiri, and serve a variety of flavours in their many Nigiri dishes. Whilst raw fish is the norm, the talented folk at Crazy Fish Sushi serve up a grilled salmon Nigiri with teriyaki sauce and mayo too. This is definitely one to try!

2. Chicken Teriyaki Avocado Volcano Sushi

Located in the Mermaid Beach area of the Gold Coat, the suitably named Mermaid Sushi is a gem in the Aussie sushi world. They offer classic Nigiri and roll sushi, but have started to get creative, with their own special sushi. The chicken teriyaki avocado sushi with volcano sauce is one of a kind. Mermaid Sushi is taking sushi to another level. There's even a blowtorch involved to get the full volcano sushi experience.

3. Sushi Paradise with Avocado and Fried Chicken

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The menu at Sushi Cafe, situated in the Surfers Paradise, is full of Japanese dishes, from Bento boxes and rice bowls to sushi. The sushi rolls here include everything including salmon, tuna and prawn. For something a little different though, treat yourself to sushi with avocado and fried chicken. This will add a new dimension to your sushi bite, new textures and flavours. The ideal food to fill up on after a big surfing excursion, or alternatively beforehand, to give you that all-important energy boost ready for exercise.

4. Chilli Teriyaki Sushi For Veggies

For those of you who are vegetarian or vegan out there, you may be wondering how can I enjoy sushi? Don't worry, My Sushi Rolls in the 4217 food hub can help. You know that My Sushi Rolls is quality through and through as 4217's aim is to bring you the best producers of food. The vegetarian sushi here is one of My Sushi Rolls' special dishes and consists of fried tofu, rice, and salad. What really sets this dish off though is the chilli teriyaki sauce. What a way to spice up sushi.

You must be tempted to get your teeth into the amazing sushi in the Gold Coast, what with all these dishes to be discovered. Deliveroo can make that happen in no time, so order your Gold Coast sushi today.

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